Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in our house....

I'm excited to join in with the awesome ladies that have hosted the Holiday series through October, November & here we are... Christmas...

So sit back & enjoy a little look at our Christmas decoration... where we love everything Disney...


Before we get started... can we stop & look at how much of a difference there is in Harvey Dent from last year to this year?
Babies grow fast, don't they?

Oh the difference a year makes.....

On the flip side, we're sad we are missing our Sydney at Christmas.  She knew all about her stocking & waited for her treat from Santa.  Christmas morning won't be the same without our old girl...
But back to the tour....
I love sitting in my living room during Christmas.  It just has the most beautiful glow to it & it just feels cozy.  This is where you'll find me knitting or reading most nights during December.

We love all things Disney.  We had our first tree when we were married as a Santa tree. All the ornaments were Santa doing different things.  I really loved that tree - it was all red & white with the coolest Santa's - but we slowly turned to what we think is the happiest thing in the world.  Mickey & his gang...

We started buying ornaments from the Disney Store & when we went to Disney World in 2000, we started stocking up on the goodies.  That's really when we made the switch.  Ever since then, we make a trip to the Disney store & see what the newest ornaments are, & we get excited about what Hallmark puts out.  This year, they have a new Belle ornament that Ricky got me... & we're still on the hunt for an Olaf ornament.

Got Jimney at Disney World
There's something about Disney that just fits with Christmas.  I mean, its the season to feel like a kid again & all things Disney do the same...

These are our new pieces of 2014.  The lights actually light up.  Can I keep them up all year long?

One of our stocking holders.... vintage Mickey

I do love our stockings though.  Perfectly describes Ricky & me... I have a Princess Belle stocking & I got Ricky his stocking a few years back.  A signed Paul Stanley KISS stocking.  We let his stocking slide out of the Disney d├ęcor.  It makes us both happy so it wins a pass.

I love the little details that are around our house.  The little Mickey's & Disney touches.  My sister in law got us this Mickey about 5 years ago & its still one of my favorite things ever.  He's got really heavy shoes... isn't he the cutest?

One of my favorite snow globe too.  The water has started to drain a little bit out of it but luckily the Christmas tree on top covers it up.  Pluto hangs out of the trunk in the back of it & it plays Christmas songs.

We also got this Christmas tree from Disney World years ago.  I love the tiny ornaments on it.  It reminds me of those old fashion Christmas trees with the lights in them that are vintage 70's...

If you want to see all of our Disney ornaments, you can check out my Instagram. I've been trying to post a new ornament every day.  I love all of our Disney ornaments. I do have a love for all my Beauty & The Beast ornaments.  (Fun Fact - I used to have a Beauty & the Beast tree.  Ricky used to have a Super Hero tree as well. I am not super woman. We toned it down to one tree)

& as much as we love Disney... we remember what the holidays are all about.
The birth of our Savior....

We got a new nativity set at the end of Christmas last year.  A Precious Moments one from Hallmark... for like 90% off.  I love it.  Something about Precious Moments is just, well, precious to me.  I still love my other nativity sets as well. 

My parents got me this print a few years ago & this has become one of my favorite Christmas items in my house...
The way Santa is looking at Baby Jesus... melt my heart...

... & all our ornaments are Disney... except one
The one in the front & center of our tree

It will always have front & center on our tree...
even over all the Mickey ornaments... even over all the Beauty & the Beast ornaments.
Nothing is more important during this Season.
Praying that this Christmas Season you have Jesus front & center of your Holidays


  1. Love all of the Disney decor - you have such a festive home!

    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  2. Your tree is soooooo pretty, lady! I love the ribbon and all of your Disney touches! So much fun they all have meaning.

    speaking of meaning, I love the mangers, too! They are some of my favorite decorations!

  3. Beautiful! I love both of your nativity sets. Can you believe as much as we love Disney and I don't think I have even one Disney ornament. I think that needs to change before next Christmas.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You did such a wonderful job - I love all the little Disney touches!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I've loved looking at your ornament a day posts on IG!!! I didn't know your whole HOUSE was Disney, too!!! We really need to step up our game with Disney Christmas. We have a Disney advent calendar my parents got me a few years ago, and our friends stationed in Germany actually just sent us a Mickey ornament from Germany, so I was really excited to hang that!! My favorite of all of your amazing things has to be that little tree with all the tiny Disney ornaments :)

  7. I absolutely love all your Disney stuff, and your home just looks so cozy :)

  8. Aww Harvey! You are so cute :) I can't imagine how big Brady is going to be this time next year. But at least he won't be eating the tree anymore - I hope! Loving all of your Christmas decor and your daily ornament posts on Instagram!

  9. Ahhh! I love all the Disney Christmas stuff! :)

  10. Awww I love Disney ornaments! It's getting harder and hard to find a Disney store, though!

  11. Yay for Disney Christmas! I have a Precious Moments nativity too...they are so sweet!

  12. Looking at all your Disney decorations makes me feel like a kid, again! Love it all! Oh, and Ricky's stocking is DA BOMB!

  13. Thank you....your decorations are all so precious and beautiful.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Love all the Disney decorations!!!

  15. Love your decorations! I could've guessed your stocking...no brainer!!! And that Santa print...just precious.

  16. love! booked my trip to wdw this weekend!!! i'm doing the keys to the kingdom tour!

  17. Obviously, I'm way behind and trying to get caught up but I just love all your Disney decor! Your living room looks so cozy and I adore the stockings! Perfect for you too!


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