Monday, December 08, 2014

The weekend that I started wrapping gifts....

My goodness... I think I blinked & missed the weekend.  Christmas weekends go by so fast.  With busy plans, I guess that's how it works.

Here's some highlights of the weekend


* Kicked off my wrapping.  Luckily my hubs knew I didn't have any tape so he went & got me a roll.  One roll.  God love his sweet heart.  He thought one roll would get me through the whole wrapping Christmas season.  Heck, I use one roll for a birthday gift.  My name is Rebecca Jo & I love tape.


* I ended up heading to bed early.  The work week wore me out so Ricky & I got in bed early to watch TV but I think we were both out like a light within 15 minutes. We've turned into an old married couple. 


* Ahh - it felt like heaven to sleep in. I think we both woke up at 8.  It's mornings like that that I adore. They are so rare. Ricky is usually up so early or has to work, or I have plans.  To wake up to a room that is full of outside light?  & have dogs snuggled in bed with you?  That is the best way to start a weekend!

* We went to take Zoe to get a hair cut... only to have them call us about 4 hours later & tell us they couldn't do it.  She's getting so anxious the older she's getting, & her poor arthritic legs just ache so bad on her lately.  The groomer said she just would 'alligator roll' every time they tried to do anything & she was scared to death that Zoe was going to hurt her hips.  They told us to come get her & reschedule for a time when no one else is there or we need to have her sedated to get groomed. Our poor old girl.

* We also warned them that Zoe is a biter & escape artist.  She will bite through her leash in less then 2 minutes... they didn't believe me.  The groomer said she tried biting through her leash, through the head harness they hold them on the table with & even through the sheer's electric cord.  People - this dog has teeth like no other.  This is the dog that chewed through her stomach, into her intestines when she had stitches from her spaying surgery.  THROUGH.HER.ORGANS!!!!  A power cord or leash is child's play to her.

Yep... she really did eat through her organs.
... did you miss that story on my blog?...

* We tackled the mall & the crowd.  The lines were long but not as awful as I though they would be.  & I got a few good deals.  You can't imagine how many bags I had at the end of the day - all the shopping... & we're still no where near finished. I always say Christmas is going to give me a heart attack with the stress of it all. Tis the season.

* I was basically begging people from anywhere to post a picture of the sun.  We haven't seen the sun on a week. I always say I'm a solar person & I need the sunshine.  It is wearing thin on me about now.  & apparently I'm not alone. Florida & Texas were the only 2 places that could represent sunshine.  I want to go to there.
*** Side note - its gloomy & grey & no chance of sunshine again today & tomorrow.

* Yep... first roll of tape down. I couldn't do any more wrapping for the night.  That was totally OK with me. My fingers were getting numb from all the tape pulling & paper folding.

* Finished knitting a Christmas project while watching "It's A Wonderful Life"... the perfect Christmas evening.


* Church Day.   It's always great to hang out with awesome kids.

* more shopping.... This will be the weekend theme for the next 3 weeks.

* Finally got my husband to download the Target Cartwheel app.  We headed to Target after lunch & I ended up saving like $10.00 with it... he saved nothing. I told him its an art of using the app.  It's the best thing Target invented.

* Ricky got an early Christmas present for Harvey Dent.  He got a new dog bed for him. If you follow me on Instagram, you know Harvey doesn't do well with dog beds.  He pretty much eats them.  Zoe eats her organs - Harvey eats dog bed stuffing. I have special dogs.  But last night as I was getting ready to go to bed & we got Harvey to lay in his bed, I had to spank his nose 3 times as he started chewing on the edge of his new bed.  I fully expected it to be in shreds when I woke up... but it was still together.  Fingers crossed it survives those teeth.

So what did you do this weekend?
Get lots of shopping done?
Are you a tape person?


Don't forget - tomorrow will be the first Link up to the Winter Reading Challenge.
Can't wait to see what books you all have been digging into!


  1. Yes, I'm definitely a taper, but having young grands has "cured" me ... watching them struggle and take forever to unwrap their gifts did it for me. ;-)

    I guess I wasn't following you when Zoe had her spaying surgery. I'm not sure I want to go try to find that in your archives. :-o

  2. Cannot believe that Zoe story!! So insane! Hopefully the groomer can find a way to do it without sedating her, poor girl. Sounds like a relaxing but still productive weekend - the best! By the way, are you still doing your book link up tomorrow?

  3. I'm sorry it's so gloomy! I'm with you... I NEED THE SUN!! Sounds like a busy, productive and good weekend with your people :)
    Why does the month of December have to fly by so quickly? We need more days in the weekends!!

  4. Running out of tape is the worst and I'm like you - the more tape the better!! happy to hear you were able to tackle the crowds and get some good deals in!

  5. I tape EVERYTHING haha. Why not make it take people like 5 minutes to open each present?! ;) I STILL need to get Cartwheel!

  6. "i use one roll for a birthday gift" hahaha! love it! my mom & sister are like that too! they use SO MUCH TAPE and it's fun to watch people try to open gifts that they wrap!!

    waking up with dogs snuggling you is the best ever!! i love when we get to sleep in!

  7. I wrapped some gifts this weekend, too! I love wrapping presents and putting pretty ribbon on them, but I'm holding off on ribbon until we actually go somewhere with our gifts because Landry will just undo it. :)

  8. Yay for starting your wrapping!! We spent like all weekend shopping so that will be us next weekend :)

  9. sounds like a great weekend! I went to a baby shower and then saw A Christmas Carol with my mom and mother in law! Went hot tubbing with some friends. Then Sunday was church and an essential oils party! It was a great weekend, too. Haven't started wrapping gifts yet. gotta get on that!

  10. Glad I'm not the only tape addict! Everyone knows which gifts are from me - because they can't get them open! ;-)

  11. I didn't know dogs would chew through their organs to get to stitches!! I definitely missed that one. Did she get a cone? That scares me about getting a dog, they are all different.

  12. Love a weekend sleeping in! THat sounds WONDERFUL!

  13. Haha "tape all the things!" cracked me up. A day of sleeping in with no alarm, heaven! We knocked out almost all of our shopping Fri & Sat. I'm so glad to be done!

  14. O.M.G. went to the mall on Saturday - was thinking - just shoot me now!!!!!!

  15. Oh poor puppy! Pancake is definitely older but they still says she does okay, or they just don't tell me :) I did not do any shopping. Since I live in the country the majority of my shopping has been done online :) I make so many trips to the post office during this time of year!

  16. you crack me up! yes bring on the scotch tape!! love the cartwheel app I always forget about it till I get ready to check out then am off the the side clicking to see if any are in my cart...i'm so organized.

  17. Poor Zoe! Hope she is ok.

    I have tried the Target app yet. I'll have to check that out. I do use the Walmart app though. We scan our receipts and they check to see if we could have saved money somewhere else and they will give us the difference in a gift card. We've save a little, but not much yet.

    As for Christmas shopping...I do most of mine on line. Totally love it that way. Then when we go out there is no pressure, but just fun. Works for us. :)

  18. you're a taper, and i'm a "too much paper" person. i can't get it together in that dept!

  19. Bless his heart, he tried! Haha! Does taking Zoe with another dog she knows help? I know with ours, Einstein {who is my grumpy old man} does much better when Hampton is with him to keep him company.


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