Thursday, December 18, 2014


Time to do a brain dump about Christmas... which is a week away....

I know!! ... me too!

... our work doesn't have a Christmas party anymore. We used to have a big banquet sort of thing that even involved awards & a year end sort of hurrah.  Then it went down to a cook out type thing at work where there was a tent & food all day & giveaways... & then it went down to a few people bringing in food for lunch.  Now, its nothing.  I'll put gifts in a few coworkers bins, but that's it.  #bahhumbug

... even though I am 42 yrs old & know there are no gifts magically appearing under my tree on Christmas morning, I still wake up early in my bed with that excited feeling.  #nevertooold

... I keep seeing post after post after post of people in my area that has the flu, or their kids are throwing up & the flu is taking over their homes... I'm freaking out.  2 years ago, my brother & the twins had the flu & I was sitting in the corner of my mom's house with my face covered 90% of the time. I'm scared the flu is going to hit again.  Can't the flu wait until after the holidays?  #badtimingflu

... I am still not finished shopping #tillthelastminute

... I want to bake cookies.  Or do some sort of cute Pinterest food thing.  But who am I kidding?  Give me the cookies you slice & bake... #aintnobodygottimeforthat

... I don't understand how some of you get that really beautiful icing that is perfect on the edges. #iamnotmarthastewart

... I'm trying to find a church for a Christmas Eve service.  Ours used to have a late night service & we always loved going to it. It was so beautiful with candles & sweet Christmas songs.  They don't do it anymore.  So I'm trying to find one that fits our work schedule & last minute shopping.  #celebratebabyjesus

... I need to order my Happy Birthday Jesus birthday cake.  It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions #alwayscake

...This is a shocking confession... I've never seen The Polar Express... I know!  I know!  Everyone says how good it is.  We just never watched it.  Something about those sort of animated computer cartoons freak me out.   #creepytomhanks

... It goes without saying that Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, but one of my old time favorite Christmas movies that Ricky & I both love... Scrooged with Bill Murray.  We haven't watched that in awhile.  We just bought the DVD & I have it sitting on my entertainment center.  It's going to be a must to watch on Christmas.  #putalittleloveinyourheart

... Ricky & I have been trying to find a good Christmas tradition for us to do on Christmas morning since we don't have kids rummaging through packages.  The past few years, we've worked puzzles together watching Christmas movies.  This year?  We bought a new Xbox Kinect game to play... get ready for this one.  It's a country dancing game.  We got it solely for the joke in it.  Country music.  Us?  I may even put on cowgirl boots & a hat & have a ho-down-Christmas.  #mydadwillbeproud

... they're saying we may actually have a chance for snow on Christmas Eve.  I don't care for snow, but on Christmas?  I don't mind #whitechristmas

... I think it should be against the law that anyone has to work the day after Christmas.  Especially ESPECIALLY when its on a Friday.  #depressingworkday

... I got some of those Christmas PJ's from Target that you are seeing everywhere - those Elf looking ones... I have put off wearing them until Christmas Eve.  I keep seeing everyone taking pictures wearing them.  I'm thinking that everyone is ruining it... new Christmas PJ's are for Christmas Eve people!  Don't you know the Christmas PJ Rule? #freshforsanta

... we have Harvey Dent one of those HUGE rawhide bones for Christmas.  It's hidden in a room & he goes to the area & smells it every day.  I think Ricky & I are more excited about giving that to him then any gift we have for anyone else.  Ricky says it will take him at least a few weeks to eat it all... I give him 2, maybe 3 days #dogslovechristmastoo

We bet that Zoe will try to take the big bone away from Harvey
... & it will look something like this...

... I saw McDonalds is open on Christmas.  At least I know where I can go get my iced coffee if I need to. #christmascoffee

So what's on your mind about Christmas?


  1. Not only can I not ice cookies all nice and pretty, but by the time the cookies have cooled off enough to ice, I'm all over the idea ... and just eat them uniced. ha! If I want pretty cookies, I just sprinkle them.

    Our church stopped do a Christmas Eve service a year or two ago. Another nail in the coffin. :-( We'll be spending Christmas Eve with DD and her family ... maybe their church has a Christmas Eve service.

  2. Christmas Eve we have three services 3:30, 5, 6:30 so I'll serve one and go to one with my family. I do miss midnight Mass when I was Catholic though. That was always so pretty.

  3. I agree with you on Polar Express. I've never seen it either because it just looks like it will be too creepy. But I loved this book when I was a kid.

  4. I've seen Polar Express. It's not my favorite but it's ok. I actually think it's kinda weird. I do like some of the music though.

    I can't make iced cookies either. So we stick with the rolls of cookie dough or I do like to make Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are the only cookie I make that really turn out halfway decent. haha

  5. I'm the same as you and still excited to open presents on Christmas morning :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. We got Brady a giant rawhide, too! He is OBSESSED with them!! It's so funny, I know he's going to go crazy over it! Hope you can find a church service to go to and I love your Jesus birthday cake tradition!

  7. That's too funny. I really thought about getting Cleo a giant rawhide bone for christmas but I was afraid she would see it as a challenge and spend the next 12 hours eating it. If not she would lord over it and bark when the cats came near.

  8. I am so not ready for Christmas celebrations. Christmas and Christ's birth celebration? yes. The presents and food and menu and everyone coming over so the house needs to be clean and decorated? no. Not even close. Not going to stress about it either. Or, not too much.

    And we LOVE giving our pups Christmas toys and treats! Dogs really know how to appreciate everything, don't they?

    I'm going to recommend Culbertson Baptist in New Albany - 9 p.m. Christmas Eve service. Casual and we have music, readings, candlelight, go home. Boom. :)

  9. Like you, I am not a huge cookie baker, so I have the perfect solution that I discovered a few years back: Oreo truffles. Two ingredients but taste is heavenly. Making them again for the cookie exchange, because I can ;)

  10. hahaha have so much fun with that cowboy dance game!


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