Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Made a personal goal... & more teeth drama....

Here we go - the kick off of the Triple Crown of Running!
The Anthem 5K!

My alarm went off bright & early & I know my first thing to do when I get up for race morning, start drinking water.  I'm not used to running in the morning. I'm an evening kinda gal, so I know my body isn't used to moving that much before the sun rises.  So water is key.  Get hydrated early!

I also went & made some breakfast.  I usually have an egg sandwich - good protein - but for some reason, I did something they say NEVER DO - change routine.  I had toast with PB & banana on it for breakfast this time.  I figured that I run a 5k almost every day for training & I never get worn out from it, so it would be a good day to try something new.


Then it was time for my race tradition!
I always sport french braids in my races.  It's just what I do.
... even if it looks ridiculous for a 44 yr old woman to wear her hair like a 1st grader...
Its my trademark


I wasn't too happy about the temp for the day.  But honestly, every year for this race, it is freezing. Its like its just supposed to be that way. & luckily, I found a running heavy jacket that I bought years ago, but it never fit me. Till now! Yahoo. Talk about good timing. It was perfect for 27 degree weather!

Race day:

Last year, the route for this race changed in thanks to bridge construction, & Ricky & I had the hardest time getting near the start/finish line area because of road closures.  We ended up parking at a hospital parking garage, running towards the start line when the gun went off for the START. I HATED that feeling of being rushed, so we left an hour early to get there this time.... only to run into MORE traffic issues. I was about ready to have a panic attack. I HATE being late to a race & having to rush. Which strangely, seems to happen no matter what time I leave home.

Ricky knew of a good spot to park at & we were finally working our way slowly up to it.... right when the police put up a barricade blocking it - one car in front of us.  
I just screamed NOOOOO! & went around it anyways.  The cop yelled at me & I kept driving slowly by & saying, "We're just going right there!"
.... Ricky reminded me that when I talk about people on the news that don't listen to cops on TV & that's why they get shot?  Yeah, I was one of those people.  Oops. He had a point.
Thank you Ms. Cop for not shooting me - or arresting me - or making me miss the race.

But we got out of the car & booked it to the start line... with 5 minutes to spare. WHEW!


Standing still is when you could feel the temps being pretty miserable.
& this is when I'm even more thankful when Ricky does a race with me. I just turned & bear hugged him till the gun went off, with my nose buried in his chest.
I was totally comfy & warm then.

Me & my human electric blanket

Then we were off!

Now, let me remind you once again - I AM SLOW! Like the slowest runner there probably is.
& I've learned to ease into that & not let it bother me like it used to.

But I had a goal this time around.

See, I'm an interval kind of gal.  Usually do 3 minutes run / 2 minutes walk.
It works great for long distances.
But this is a 5k... 3.1 miles.
& I tend to always do intervals - but not today.
My goal was to run the whole thing.  Non Stop.

Mile 1 - zoomed through
Mile 2 - Bam!  Still going.  
It was at this point that I had ran through a water stop at mile 1.5 & Ricky looked at me strange. I'm always stopping for water.  But again, I'm used to running 3.1 miles without water now.  (Now if it was hot, that'd be different)  But when we got to the mile 2 marker, Ricky said, "Are you going to walk?"... Nope. No sireeee.
& then I could see the Finish line ahead

& I was so proud of myself!
I know for some people it's not that big of a deal. 
Most runners were already in their car & on their way home by the time I made it to the finish line, but it was still MY goal that I made.

& while it wasn't my fastest race, I did beat my time from the previous year by a little over
3 minutes!! That's HUGE for me.
But its about doing something I had never done before.  Ran a 5k straight through.
I did it. For the first time. ... marking this race down in the books!

Needless to say, I was one happy girl crossing that finish line!
& even better? I knew I could keep running. I wasn't out of breath - I wasn't miserable - I wasn't sore. I was feeling really good.
Like good enough,   I didn't even walk down to get water or a banana afterwards.
I just wanted to get to Panera for a avocado egg sandwich & some coffee #priorities

For me, it was about pace. Sticking with it. 
I kept my Spotify on at 160bpm & just stuck with that beat every song gave me. 
One time, it went to commercial (I'm too cheap to subscribe to it... for now anyways)  & I just kept singing the song that had just played so I wouldn't get off track.  & at every mile mark, I was at the same pace.  It worked for me.  

I always tell people I need music to move. 
This proved it even more how much I love music while running.

So I did it... & now, ready to go into the 10K in less then 2 weeks.
Will I run it all the way?  Probably not - but I'm going to run more of it then I usually do - cutting out more of my intervals... 
Running my own race!!!

Week 7 in Half Marathon Training

Created by Photo Grid. Training g Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roidapp.photogrid  iPhone  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-grid-collage-maker/id543577420?mt=8:

Monday - Run 2.89 miles (treadmill)
Tuesday - Les Mils Combat - 45 Min Kickboxing
Wednesday - Walk 2.74
Thursday - 21 Day Fix Dirty 30
Saturday - Anthem 5K

So yeah - Wednesday was a walking day.  Why?  Because I spent over 3 hours in a dentist chair... for no reason.  Long story short?  I went in to get my 2 permanent crowns put on.  Walked out with 2 temporary ones on.  The back tooth? She wants to send me to a root canal specialist to see if I need a root canal before she puts it in (hello more money & insurance is MAXED out - so it will all be out of pocket) ... & the other tooth? They had to literally DRILL off the temp, got the tooth cleaned up, got the crown ready to go... 2 hours later & they look & it has a HOLE IN IT!!! A STUPID FREAKING HOLE IN IT!!! ... unusable.  So I had to get set up for another temporary crown & its another month before the new crown comes in.

I'm about ready to say PULL ALL MY TEETH!!!!


So needless to say, I got home after over 3 hours in a dentist chair - I couldn't even think of running but I needed to work out for stress reasons.  So I walked the entire hour while watching Survivor.  All I gotta say is I need a shirt that says DENTAL SURVIVOR at the end of all this.

... & we wont talk about my new tooth ache in my front tooth. Seriously. if I talk about it, I'll cry.

Pressing on for another week!!!


  1. OK so this post it about the "triple crown" in more than one way, no?...lol. So sorry about your teeth issues.

    I do remember this race from last year and how you had to run to the start. I know it wasn't funny at the time it happened but it made for an entertaining race recap!
    Shaving 3 minutes of your race time is awesome! Especially for a 5K. You know I have become an interval runner but I always try to run a 5K race straight through. I haven't done a 5K race in so long though that I don't even know if I'd be able to run it straight through now. Good for you, that is a huge deal!

  2. yay for running braids! WGAF what other people say about it - it's adorable.

  3. yay for rocking the run! and NOOOO about the dental drama. they should give it to you for free after all of that mess!!

  4. WAY TO GO!!! I've never run a full 5k, It's a goal-ish of mine, but i'm usually pushing a double jogger so,... it's not that easy lol I have found that when I shorten my intervals (30/30) or (1run/45s walk) I go faster. Did it for a recent half marathon and had an 11 minute PR.

  5. Yay!!! Way to run that race! (And now Panera is sounding SO good!) Does Ricky run with you?
    Boo, for more tooth issues. Man, you're WAY stronger than me mentally... I couldn't handle all that!

  6. The braids look great! And way to go on running the race the whole way through. I run intervals too and one of my goals for this year is to try to run a 5k without walking.

  7. Congrats on running the whole way!!!!!

    Man, I've never heard of anyone having that much tooth problems. Hope they get it straightened out soon.

  8. Kudos to you for running the race! Whoohoo! Also, your dental story makes me cringe. I know I need to see them another way, but dental visits of any kind make my list of top ten least favorite things to do in life : )

  9. You go girl! Way to make your race goal. That's awesome.

    I am horrified by the dental issues. Like enough! You need a break from that.

  10. Woohoo!!! Awesome job and you've come so far! You're also doing a great job convincing me that I need to do more than just run. :)

  11. Great job on running the whole race! Sounds like switching up your morning routine worked out for you! Facebook just reminded me that one year ago today was my first (and only) 5K! I hear you on running...last year I could run a 5K straight (not easily...ha!) but last week when I got on the treadmill I had to force myself to run 10 straight minutes, and it was not fun! Haha.

  12. 3 minutes off your time in the 5K is a HUGE accomplishment as is running the whole thing. So way to go! Slow, fast, middle of the pack, a 5K is a 5K.

    Also, I do not know how you did 3 hours of dentistry. Even just reading that gave me heart palpitations. I've had my fair share of dentistry problems starting from a young age...one of the "gems" being when they pulled the wrong permanent tooth, so I'm short one more than necessary now & when they gave me penicillin after getting my wisdom teeth out, when my medical records clearly stated I was allergic to it.

  13. Go, girl! How awesome for your run! And UGH, drama is never good, especially when it comes to teeth!!

  14. Congratulations!! Whoot! Proud of you meeting your goal! I so admire those of you who run marathons. Wow. Sorry about the tooth....keep us posted!

  15. You seriously have got to be one of the MOST inspiring ladies I've ever come across...I'm not kidding! You're just tearing it up...and I couldn't be more thrilled for you! Bless your heart about your tooth issues...they are the pits! Feel better!

  16. You totally rock! So proud of you for running the whole 5K. You are doing so well in your training! And that totally blows about the dentist. I've been putting it off forever now because it's just so expensive!

  17. sorry about your teeth issues girl. lets focus on the good: CONGRATS on your race! running all the way!!! you are AWESOME. high five!

  18. So awesome!!!! Doing something you've never done before is a huge accomplishment! Congrats! Dental issues are no joke, but "dental survivor"--HAHAHA!

  19. You are amazing!! That really is huge. Congrats!!
    Your traffic experience, and everyone else's, is exactly why I don't do those races. I would freak out. So sorry about more teeth drama. :(

  20. Love the braids and the tradition of wearing them!
    Love the positivity and the lesson of not comparing yourself to others but making your own personal goals that work for you. Way to go!!!!

  21. First off, you are AWESOME! I cannot even run a mile without stopping! Really, you're motivating me to run more!

    Sucks about your teeth though! I'm going through the same thing. It takes forever to get an appointment and once the appointment gets nearer, I start having a whole other tooth issue. Supposed to get my crown fitting in two weeks and woke up this morning with a toothache on the other side. Seriously why can't I just be done with it all?

  22. Congrats on your great time!!! You are looking awesome by the way, super proud, you inspire <3
    Sorry about the tooth...rather give birth than go to the dentist..so I feel your pain. Hugs!

  23. Oh my gosh, congrats on your race and smashing your goal!!! I am so impressed!! And how fun to do it with Ricky!

    So sorry about the dentist. :(

  24. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, way to go, lady! So proud of you for running the entire race, that is awesome. Love the french braids, btw.

  25. SO proud of you for finishing the entire race without stopping! That is a HUGE deal! Congratulations!


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