Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The weekend that made me love GRAND holidays....

What day is it?
Honestly - I have been confused all weekend what day it is.  Sunday, I was totally convinced it was Saturday - so Monday, I was of course thinking it was Sunday. Now? I totally have no clue that day it is. I feel like time has gone & done a topsy turvy thing on me.

Did you all enjoy your Memorial weekend?

I cant even begin to wrap up my 3 days.  It was full of busy, fun, family, a full house & lots of love.

I had a photo session on Saturday right before our Nashville gang came up & that was just a great way to start off the weekend.  This young lady, I've known her since a tiny tot in church.  She was in my youth class & I even got to baptize her long long ago... & now, she's working in surgeries as a nurse, getting ready to marry herself a fireman... a real adult. I told her that I don't care how 'adult' she is, she'll always be one of my kids.  All of my youth kids are like that.

I can't wait to get her pictures edited & to share. She's just a stunning girl - inside & out.

But I warned her that the editing would be a little bit because my weekend was going to be full of 3 little boys that get all my attention.

Yep... we had a great weekend with the boys.  I hate that Ricky didn't get to enjoy it all.  He's got a hernia that is BADDDDD.  Like, its going to need surgery bad.  Like, its sticking out & if he coughs or even laughs, its like he's got an alien sticking out.

The hard thing, he had to remind little boys that love to jump on him & tackle him & hug & love on him, that they had to be careful with him.  I know that bothered Ricky a little bit.  He tried as much as he could to do what he could with them though.

So I'm just going to sum up parts of the weekend because it was wonderfully crazy.

... Luke wore a camo shirt & jeans with holes just for his Pappy. It's not like they don't look enough alike anyways.
... Ticks.  Ticks seemed to be part of our weekend. Someone was constantly picking ticks off of them.
... Will (Grand #3)  basically couldnt keep his hands off of Harvey. LOVED him.  & he wouldn't call him by his name. He just called him "Pappy's Doggie"... & Bruno was "Nanny's Doggie"... & Zoe?  She runs when the kiddos are here so he probably forgot all about her :)

... Harvey was so good with Will.  It was so cute to see.
... I love how much the boys love their Pappy.
... Ricky had to go to the Immediate Care Center on Saturday so I got to hang with the gang to go visit the local orchard & little kid zone.  It really was a great day of hanging out. I know Ricky would have loved to have been there with them.

... Julie & Steve introduced me to Sangria & brie cheese. OH WOW.  Delicious

... my parents had a cook out for us all.  The boys love going over to their house with all the land to run on & all the cowboy fun stuff & they even got to get up close & personal with the horse this time. I think there are cowboys in the making now.

... move nights are a fun way to close out a day.
... Julie brought some fresh pasta from Nashville. One of them was a mushroom sort of pasta?  I'm not on the hunt to see if they mail that stuff & if not, if we can find some around town. It was AMAZING!
... The weekend was sponsored by chocolate for the grands (& Bean Street cafe for the grown ups)  I told Ricky that as a kid, you know going to a grandparents house is all about fun & sweet treats. We can't disappoint, right?
Chocolate on his face no less then 15 minutes after he woke up
... but to be fair, Julie said he has chocolate on his face about 90% of his life

... There really is nothing cuter then going over colors & animal sounds & fun songs like The Wheels on the Bus with a little 2 year old.
... My heart really can't handle how big the boys are all getting.  Seriously - where is time going?

Refueling after a coffee stop

There's so much I could comment & write about the weekend... it really is non stop with the fun things the kids say & the memories that they give us when we get to see them.

I'll just wrap it up by saying they are a blessing.  To get to know them as they grow up.  To get to see the magic of life in their eyes.  To get to love them & to hug them & to have them love us in return.

Life just doesn't get any better than that.


  1. I missed you yesterday! Glad to see you are back on schedule an that you had a fabulous time with Family! I hope Ricky isn't in too much pain with his hernia.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Ricky is going to need surgery - hoping that you guys get that taken care of quickly! So glad you had a great weekend with the kiddies! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. When I worked, we called the First day back to work after a holiday on Monday a "Monday Tuesday" ... those days were always crazier than what you'd expect for a first day back to work after a holiday.

    Hope Ricky is able to get relief from his hernia ... even if that means surgery.

  4. What a perfect weekend!! (Except your hubby being sick and hurting, of course!) I'm so glad you got to spend such quality time with such important people! I bet they had a BLAST hanging out with you guys (and Harvey!). Sounds like the perfect weekend filled with little boys and adventures and treats!

  5. What cutie babies! I love the pick of Will with the dog!

    Sending good thoughts for Rick and his hernia - that surgery does wonders, though!

  6. I was all confused on the days too! How fun for the boys to be able to sit on the horses! I bet they loved that! xo, Kristina

  7. I love the littlest grand just sleeping in that last picture. :) So cute! I'm so happy you got to have a great long weekend with family!

  8. I saw all your photos on Insta from the weekend and you all looked like you had a blast! What a bunch of adorable cuties! :)

  9. Love the car selfie!

    What a great weekend with the kids. I hope Ricky is doing better soon, that's rough especially when there's fun to be had!

    I was also confused with what day it was all weekend. Today as well.

  10. Oh - ugh - I hope your hubby gets that taken care of soon before he's in pain for much longer! No fun :(

    But I loved all your photos - especially the last one ... looks like the little guy in the carseat could have benefited from some java ;)

    Long weekends always throw me off on what day of the week it is. I won't complain though - anytime someone wants to give me a long weekend, I'll take it! :)

  11. Oh my...I hope Ricky gets that hernia fixed soon. Please keep us posted!! The boys are so darn cute. That photo of all three sitting is a keeper for sure! Adorable. Glad you had such a great weekend, full of love and fun and family!

  12. Sounds like the most perfect holiday weekend! Loved seeing all your instagram post of these precious boys!

  13. What a perfect weekend!! All of these photos are great, and those kids look so happy! I hope Ricky is feeling better soon :(

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. What a fantastic weekend! So much to do and see and talk about! :) I am so happy, only one more day of work and I'm on a another long weekend with friends, yay!

  15. Oh no, so sorry to hear about Ricky! I hope he feels better soon! It sounds like you guys still managed to have a good weekend though :)

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed all the pics of your weekend on ig. Those boys are precious. Prayers for Ricky to start feeling better or recovering soon. That sounds awful! And, that "refueling" picture cracks me up because everyone is all smiles except Grand #3 is knocked out! haha

  17. What a GREAT weekend. Loved seeing all the pics and you did a special run for Nutella. Your rock!

  18. Oh poor Ricky!!!

    At least you were able to still have a fun weekend despite the fact he had a hernia, when will he be able to have surgery :( I've never had one, but I'm sure it's painful.

    I had a great memorial day weekend as well, it was just nice to have a weekend with nothing to do and just spend time with friends and family.

    liz @ j for joiner


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