Monday, June 27, 2016

The weekend that I tried to hibernate in AC

I dont know about you but if there was ever a weekend to melt, this was it.

It was HORRIBLE around our parts. Like, I just wanted to hide in my house, with the AC on full blast, sitting in front of a fan, eating ice cream & wearing minimal clothing.

Just a typical summer's day.

This may very well be one of the laziest weekends I've had in awhile... which I didn't mind one tiny bit.

Here's a bit of how it all played out...


... The usual kick off for Friday


... poor Ricky was hurting so bad with his hernia so I went ahead & cut the grass as the sun was setting. I figured it was better to do it in 85 degree weather instead of 95 degree weather over the weekend.

... we went downstairs to move all the furniture around in one of the rooms so I could have more space to work out.  It was a work out alone to move all my weights downstairs. Whew.

... After all the sweating from cutting grass & moving furniture & weights, this is how my Friday night ended up.  My knee KILLING me (which it has been again lately for some reason) & some frozen lemonade. I am obsessed with those Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade containers. 100 calories each. YUM!  Perfect for summer


... we ended out night with a What Would You Do! marathon - we didn't see last weeks so we got to watch 2 episodes back to back.  I swear, if I was in NYC, I've seen this show enough to know exactly all the actors who do these things.  I do swear many times in my life though I'm on that show with some of the stupid things I've seen play out.


... Ricky had to work. Boo.

... Neighbors had a yard sale happening so I had fun going over & rooting around.

... Came home to make me a green smoothie to kick off the day.


... Workout time.  Even working out inside in AC, it was so hot, I was sweating extra doses.

... Got to Bible Journal.

The name of Jesus is powerful & priceless!! ❤  Peter said, "I don't have a nickel to my name, but what I do have, I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!" (Acts 3:6 MSG) . . . #illustratedfaith #messybible #biblejournal #shepaintstruth #rjvbibletime #thereispowerinthenameofjesus:

... Ricky got home from work & just needed to lay down for the day with that hernia.  Poor guy.

... Finished knitting a hat.... & immediately started another project.

... Ricky & I finished watching 60 Days In ... & then I finished watching Once Upon a Time for the season.  Confession:  Hook is the only reason I'm still watching.

... I finished up my evening watching that movie about the wire walker who did the sneak walk across the World Trade Centers.  It really was a good movie to me. Interesting. & sad.  Any time I see the towers, it still chokes me up.

The Walk - movie poster:


... made it to church. Poor Ricky wasn't sure he was going to make it. He's struggling.  But he did & I was glad to have him next to me.

... Headed to Kohl's & finally found some shirts. I've been struggling finding good shirts that I like, I hate sleeveless things & that's all you can find during summer.  The struggle has been real!

... Lunch at 5 Guys.  I will say, I give them props for their grilled cheese. It's always so good & I was so glad to see they make it on a separate grill away from the meat.

... what's a weekend without a Target trip.

... Came home & I laid down to snuggle with Harvey... & next thing I knew, I woke up 2 hours later!!!!! WHAT? I just don't nap. I'll lay down & rest, but I don't nap. I slept so hard, I actually was dreaming!  My mom always said she knew when I was sick when I would take a nap because I just dont like to do it.  It messes me up.  But I guess it was what my body needed.

... made out my bills & did bank statements & just all sorts of things that depress you about life.

... played with Harvey when the sun finally started setting. He had been wanting to play all day long & I didn't want him to have a heat stroke, so as soon as that sun went down, we pulled out the frisbee. #happydog

... Ending my Sunday with all the game shows on ABC. Game Shows are my jam! I would love to be on every single one of them.  Even though, I have to say, The Match Game? Still not my favorite.  Its always the dumbest answers that pertain to something about sex.  SO DUMB.  Just give me something that is smart or funny - not stupid. Even Family Feud turns to stupid answers about sex most of the time any more.  & what aggravates me about that show?  Some of the answers don't remotely match & they give it to people anyways. Makes no sense.  (I get really particular over my game shows if you can't tell) My favorite is The $100,000 Pyramid.  That's just a smart game show where you actually have to use words & your mind.  I think I'd be good on that one.  Regardless, I love seeing game shows back on.

So how was your weekend?

Does it feel like the pits of hell have exploded over you?

Are you a game show fan?

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  1. I had a very busy Friday and Saturday but for some reason Sunday just felt like a waste. I got up very early with the intentions of going to church but got sucked into a Hallmark movie instead. I ended up falling asleep while watching it and didn't wake up till 1:00 pm!!! Apparently my body needed that! I think being out in the heat the previous 2 days really wiped me out!

  2. I started watching a retro game show channel a few weeks ago and have been obsessed, so I was excited when I saw they were bringing back match-- but I don't care for alec baldwin, so I doubt I'll watch the new version. I think a big part of what I like about them, is that they're dated so it's fun to see the fashion and makeup and often ridiculous questions from those decades!

  3. Oh, P.S, I love the game shows! I was watching Family feud the other night and it just shocks me how stupid some of the answers are that people give and their family actually thinks it's a GOOD Answer!

  4. Sounds like a nice quiet weekend, just like I like. Ours was fairly quiet too. Actually, quiet is about all I can handle right now. 😊

  5. I love game shows! I didn't know Pyramid was still on. But I love Family Fued with Steve Harvey. And I love me some Jeopardy. And feel super smart when I get some right!

  6. I feel the same way about What Would You Do - I know what all the actors look like so I'd be in on it LOL!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I've never seen What Would You Do...I must be living under a rock...We had a busy weekend, swim lessons, weddings, parties 110 miles away, so round trip 220 miles in a day...yikes! The kids are troopers!

  8. I totally understand the struggle to find non-sleeveless tops. At my job, we cannot wear sleeveless tops. If we do, we have to have a jacket or cardigan to cover up. It's always so hard finding appropriate clothing for the summer. Oddly enough, we can wear open toe shoes but not sleeveless. I think i would rather see arms than nasty feet but that is just me.

  9. It was actually cool here this weekend! I was shocked.

    My favorite game show has always been and will always be The Price is Right.

    I hope Ricky gets to feeling better soon. What can he do about this hernia?

  10. I was in Kohls this weekend, they had some cute stuff! And oh gosh, it was hot hot hot here too!!! Like walk out the door and your face melts off hot. This is why I cant wait til fall! Haha!

  11. hope R feels better soon. kudos to him going to work with that hernia. it's been hot AF here too, today is going to feel like 36 with the humidity.

  12. I was soaked in the Olympics, but turned over to the game shows too ;) Haha, brings back memories of watching them when I was younger. I hate that Ricky has felt so crummy, but glad he made it to church with you <3

  13. I've been having the WORST time finding shirts too! I don't do sleeveless and even if I did, I wouldn't wear them to work. I have some work appropriate shirts in my closet of dreams but I doubt I'll see them this summer. I found some dressier tanks and 2 short sleeved cardigans which will have to do.

    I hope Rickey is able to get his hernia fixed soon!

  14. I **hate** this weather. Hate it. I can see the reason for cold - things need to be dormant before they can bloom again. But what good can come from heat and humidity of this magnitude and who/what is this benefitting? Ugh ...

    We had the youth group over for a cookout -- they can handle the heat/humidity a lot better than I could. I kept volunteering to go back inside for items ... and then taking a long time to locate it and get back outside.

    I don't like sleeveless shirts either ... but I also deal with a freaky-looking farmer's tan if I'm not super-careful with sunscreen and short sleeves. Old Navy has some nice/dressy-ish T's that I stock up on for work.

    I hope Ricky can get that taken care of soon!

  15. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. The weather here is HOT too. We hit 97 yesterday and today is supposed to be 100. Ugh. So hot. I want to stay holed up inside as well. Sucks when we have to walk our dog. We have to wait until late at night or super early. I don't do many sleeveless shirts either. Some are ok, but I am having more trouble with shorts this year. I hate the way they fit my legs.

    Hope Ricky gets the hernia taken care of soon.

  16. Ha ha! This: Does it feel like the pits of hell have exploded over you? YES! Someone make it stop! Actually, as long as I kept to shade, it was bearable this weekend. It's the sun that just kills me.

  17. Ugh, this weather is killing me. It drains my energy and my mood and everything! I don't really mind the heat, but the humidity is so brutal!

    We had a semi-lazy weekend, too. My grandma had a stroke last Mon. and my husband's best friend from high school lost his mom on Friday morning. We spent the weekend with family and friends since everyone was in our town for one reason or another. Not super happy reasons to get together, but I was glad to see everyone. (And my gma is doing much better. She'll be good as new with some speech and memory therapy.)

  18. I have to try that frozen lemonade now! That sounds great! It was a scorcher on Saturday for sure, and of course we had to mow the lawn, so I was dying-haha :)

  19. in the summer time I seriously go online to find shirts with sleeves! It's ridiculous. Hope Ricky gets his hernia fixed/dealt with soon! It must be painful.

    Still it sounds like you made the best of it. We hit up starbucks quite a few times this weekend with the double stars.

    liz @ j for joiner

  20. We gave up on "Once Upon a Time" several seasons ago. Sure was good when it started, then it just got kind of wonky for us. Sorry Ricky is having such a hard time with the hernia, and sorry about your knee pain. :(

  21. The pits of hell, oh you always bring a smile to my face with your posts!!!
    It's been around 100 here too, but this is the desert so while it's hot and feels like stepping out into an oven at times it's not unbearable as long as we remember to drink water. In fact since it's over 100 here until after 10-11pm at night I have no choice but to tell myself I am going to enjoy running in it tonight, LOL
    You guys get that humidity so I think that's why it sucks the life out of you more and as you put it takes you to the pits of hell, LOL
    A while back I watched The Walk I was expecting it to be terrible and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, and learned a little from it too!

  22. Yes to Hook on Once Upon a Time!!! He's the reason I want to move to Storybrook! Lol. I finally finished all the seasons on Netflix (1-4) so now I'm stuck waiting until season 5 comes on. Get it together Netflix!

  23. I am the same way--you will never see me in sleeveless shirts. I swear too, that is all that you can find. Ugh. I remember watching Pyramid with Dick Clark, I think.

  24. It was hot this past weekend in Louisiana, too, and I use to not wear sleeveless at all, but I think it's the hot flashes that finally drew me in!


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