Thursday, January 28, 2021

Already ready for a day off, happy mail & new beginnings {Thankful Thursday #296}


This week I'm Thankful for:

Yep - I had it last week too but mom's in a new place now & the nurses at the rehab center have been really honest & helpful in taking care of her.  The nurse that has been working with mom told me that she came from another place where she had to leave & take some time when at the facility, they lost 48 people in a weekend due to COVID. 48 PEOPLE.... IN A WEEKEND!!! Geez. But she said she saw a 92 year old woman come out of the COVID unit & she said she high fived her & told her "You kicked COVID's butt". She said she has to cling to those stories to get her through all the losses she's seeing. I cant even imagine.

Day off Work
I still love that my job has off Martin Luther King Day.  It's always nice to get a day to recover after the crazy of December.  

Walk in January
There was a day recently that was in the 50's. It felt wonderful!!!! I was able to get out & do a walk at lunch & it just filled my spirit up to be out in fresh air & feel the sunshine on my face & get my lungs working.  

Inauguration Day
Whew... I was holding my breath all day long to make sure it was safe.  I thought it was wonderfully done with all the precautions with COVID.  The celebration at night "Celebrating America" was just really nice & that young poet? Just incredible. She's going to be something to watch as she grows up.  & I always love to see the former Presidents get together.  I just love George W Bush - when he gets together with Michelle Obama, it just makes me smile.  


High Five
Hubby has been working with Ozzie to teach him to lay... which he has down to a pat.  So I have been working on the "high five" action. It took about 2 days - now, he gives them ALL the time. Even when you dont want him to. Its just the cutest thing.  I'm impressed how fast he picks things up.

I got the sweetest cards from my friend Chris & Kelly.  I think fun mail just makes a day so much better - knowing that someone takes the time to send you hugs through an envelope. I feel them every time I get one.

Aunt OK
I have an aunt that had to be rushed into open heart surgery this past week. The town she lives in didnt even have a cardiologist that could do what she needed so she had to be transferred to another hospital another town over.  They were able to get her there & get the surgery done & she was home the next day! Isnt that amazing?  The things they can do to a body! Medicine & science is amazing.

Tell me something good about your week!

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