Thursday, January 21, 2021

I still love stickers, romance in a car & this potty thing is going well (fingers crossed) ... {Thankful Thursday #295}


This week I'm Thankful for:

Sticker Book
One of my planning buddies sent me a sticker book that she ended up getting extra since she's a Passion Planner Ambassador.  She's just the sweetest thing - & I'm so excited for her because she recently got married & just found out that she's pregnant now.  Good things happening for her.  ... Side note, if you are interested in Passion Planners, let me know & I'll give you her code for 10% of your order.

OH my gosh... it was over 16 days where we didnt have any sun. That's a lifetime to me.  When it came out - I'm not even joking.... I went outside & just held my face up to let the sun soak in.  It was an instant mood lifter.

HSM Kiddos Texts
I miss my HSM girls so much!  & I'll still get some texts & messages from them every now & then & I try to send some out to them as well... I love that they stay in touch.  

Another year - Thank you LORD! Got my mammogram results back & all clear! I honestly hold my breath till I get that letter each year.

Insurance Card
Mom being rushed into the hospital last week, I was on the phone with so many people getting her registered & doing all the usual paper work over the phone.  When they told me she had switched insurances, I was dumbfounded. Had no idea she did that... we tried to find a new insurance card in her wallet & could find nothing.  The insurance company had a different birthday for her so they wouldnt give the hospital the policy number... it was quite the mess. The lady at the hospital, we were laughing that we were on the phone so much, we were new best friends..... 

but FINALLY a supervisor got in touch with the insurance company & pulled her magic & got the info. WHEW! That was a relief ... & exhausting.

Breakfast Date
If you know Hubby & I, you know we love some breakfast dates.  Well, since we've havent eaten in a restaurant since last March, those have been missed.... but we went to Panera & ordered online & picked it up through the drive thru & had a little breakfast date before we went &got our COVID tests.  Who says romance is dead?

The nurses at the hospital in the COVID unit was really good at giving me info & keeping me up to date on mom. I dont know how nurses do it all. They are angels on earth.

Ozzie learning
This little dude... he's coming along. He's learned to sit & stay AMAZINGLY fast.  He just this week has learned to lay & even give a high five... & (KNOCKING ON WOOD) he's not had any accidents in the house in over a week!!! So I mean, if he's potty trained in a week's time, I'm going to give it to him - GOOD BOY!  I'm sure we'll have some slip ups - but I'm excited he's learned to let us know when he needs to go potty & is starting to even use the doggie doors on his own when he has to go.  This is why we love getting dogs while we have the other Aussies - they really do learn from the bigger dogs.

What's something good in your week?

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