Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Blanket

You can actually write whatever you want to whoever you want.
Great for Valentine's Day with a love letter
Or a letter to your mom for Mother's Day
Or to a child leaving to go to college!

Favorite Chess Board


You hang this on the wall & you & your chess partner can play it whenever you walk by.
Isnt that so fun!!!

Favorite Coasters

These are too funny - they prop up on your nose & give you a different face.
Here's an example... great for a party. (Once parties become a thing again)

Favorite Light

Looks like the moon!
What a beautiful little glow for a room at night
Basically an adult night light... 
I'm sure a kid would love it too
You can even make it bright white or the softer warmer light

Favorite Tennis Shoes

Because I'm a sucker for anything gray

Favorite Candle

This would have to smell heavenly, right?

Favorite Sleep Mask

I love me a sleep mask - but this one has bluetooth for music.... which when you have a puppy that whimpers to get in bed with you, I would appreciate some nice tunes in my ears instead.

Favorite Tooth Brush Holder

Because minimal looking things make me happy - but also, it wouldnt get GUNKY at the bottom like most things- or easier to clean if it did.  They're made out of CONCRETE!!! Who knew!

Favorite Funnies

... when I get a 5000 calorie drink at Starbucks because I got out of the house during a Pandemic

... when I'm walking for exercise but see a dog in someone's yard

... me waiting in the car when Hubby goes in Home Depot

.... me at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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