Friday, January 08, 2021

Friday Favorites


Favorite Pens

Because I dont care... I'll never grow up enough to not love cute pens

Favorite Socks

Who knew they even MADE The Office socks of Kevin spilling his chili - LOL
These honestly made me laugh just looking at them

Favorite Air Pods Helper

You slide those rubber parts over your ear buds & that hook grips in your ear so they dont slide out as easily!!! WHAT??? Perfect for when you're active with these earbuds in!

Favorite Computer Help

I really should have invested in one of these back in March!
My life would have been much easier working from home.

Favorite Makeover Hack

Marple Adhesive Film.
I could use this in my pantry to make it look brighter & fancy!

Favorite Puppy Helper

Its a Poo bag holder - with a flashlight!!!
So you can put on a leash for night walks & pick up the STUFF that's left behind.
For me, I need it when our new puppers is out - just because we're making sure all his mess is cleaned up till we know he's all healthy & worm-free.

Favorite Sanity keeper

You plug things in this & they turn off 30 minutes later.
So if you're like me & scared to death you left your hair straightener or curling iron on - BAM!
No more worried - GENIUS!

Favorite Funnies

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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