Thursday, January 14, 2021

My books are happy, I just like saying Muk Luks & people in Canada really are the nicest!!! {Thankful Thursday #294}


My list was long this weekend... that's never a complaint... 
So I'll try & not share them all to make this too long, but who doesnt love some good news?

This week I'm Thankful for:

Our Vet
We got Ozzie his appointment for the first appointment we could get just because he had worms & we had been taking him potty out front to keep him away from the other dogs - & them away from the worms.  We didnt care who was the vet - just get him in.  When we got there & they came out (because we cant go in - everything is curbside) they told us it was our favorite vet who was there!   & now, we're scheduled with her for all the other puppy check appointments. I just LOVE Dr. Stephens (if you're in the area - at Ridgeview) She's the only one who sees our Aussies & I especially love her because even with Bruno being 19, she NEVER one time suggested putting him down because he was old.  She helped him every bit of the way live a good life up to the end. I'll always trust her just because of that.

Clean Bill of Health
Ozzie checked out as a good healthy pup. It was so cute when everyone we saw, vet, technicians, were all CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU HAVE A NEW BABY!! ... I love animal people.

Book marks
I love me some book marks but I especially love these that came from my friends.  Meranda & my Planner link up buddy, Lauren had randomly sent me these - & I got them a day apart. I was like, my friends get me. They really get me.  I use so many book marks with all my books, journals, planners & Bible & Bible studies... they get some good use!  & I love when I see them, I'll think of my friends!

I am so relieved that Ernie has taken a liking to Ozzie. I mean, he's still jealous & we are still giving the Big Boys one on one time - but I love seeing him play & being gentle with him.

I heard great news of a sweet friend of mine got engaged over Christmas. She actually was in my youth class & I just think the WORLD of her.  When I heard she was proposed to, I actually teared up.  So happy for her & cant wait for her to start her married  life.

My brother had picked me out some jammies at Christmas & I honestly am LIVING in these babies. I asked him where he got them because I'm gonna need more of them. They are Muk Luks & they feel like heaven.  Click on the pic to check them out.  I honestly am getting some more in other colors - I mean, I'm still working from home so I need some new "work clothes - HAHA

They look cuter on her than me

Yep... I'll still proud of my bread I made over the weekend.  Ready to make some more!

Canadian Surprise
I continue - after all this time - to meet some of the neatest people all around, just because of this blog. Who would have ever thought.  But a few months back, I had a new friend reach out to me & we just connected over so much in messages & conversations.  She has twins & it was fun to compare how her twins are so much like my nieces & she had gotten a new doggie in their family awhile back & it was fun hearing all the new addition stories - she's just a joy!  So I was thoroughly surprised when I got a package from Canada & she had told me to keep an eye out for it because she didnt write who it was from on the inside - totally something I'd do too.... When I opened it, I saw all the Canadian candy & that would have been enough. I LOVE me some Canadian candy!!!!!  

When I pulled the candy out to show Hubby, I saw this face mask with Aussies all over it & GASPED. I've never seen anything like it!!! I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!  I mean... come on... how perfect is this mask???

& when I pull up the mask, I saw the first book & instantly knew what it was!!!! Karen & I had talked about this in a message - how much we love Anne of Green Gables & the books .... & here they were - the full set in front of me.  I just have always loved the story of Anne - maybe its the red hair, maybe its the individualism that she has, maybe its the spunky personality, maybe its because she always wanted to be a teacher (what I wanted to do growing up)... I just have a connection with her.

Let me tell you.  I cried. I really did cry. I wasn't expecting anything like this & just the sweet gift that she knew would mean so much.  These are going to go on my library shelf in my special books that friends have given  me that I'll treasure forever.  I cant wait to dig into these too. I've never read the full series & now I can!!!! So excited.  I truly am blessed by some amazing people in this world!

So all this good -I'm gonna ask for some prayers...
My mom is back in the hospital... I had to call 911 again Tuesday night & we also found out she has COVID right now... which means Ricky & I will be getting tested this weekend after spending the past few days with her in the car & being in her house.  Appreciate every single one lifted!!!

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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