Tuesday, January 05, 2021

One Sentence A Day {December 2020}



1 - Tues / How are we really in December already #NotComplaining #GetThisYearBehind

2 - Wed / Zoom call with mom & her case workers to get an update on what's going on #technologyisgreat

3 - Thurs / We've had a cold front the past few days & it reassures me how much I'm not ready for the freezing cold to come #atleastitsalreadyDecember #CountingdowntoSpring

4 - Fri /  Found out a cousin of ours has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks with COVID & no release in sight #ITSREALPEOPLE

5 - Sat /  Mom was doing all she could to sign herself out of rehab #theysaidNoNoNo #AmyWinehouseReference

6 - Sun / We went to the store super early to try & beat the crowds #CovidSuperSpreaders 

7 - Mon /  Went at lunch to take care of mom's cats & feed the horses when I couldnt reach the hay & the Hubs had to end up going over after work #Icantcrawlupintheloft #makesmemad

8 - Tues / How have I still not wrapped one present? #noChristmascaresthisyear

9 - Wed / Mom got to come home from the rehab facility #backintoquarentineathome

10 - Thurs / I was so super excited to stumble upon a Broadway special on NBC #PlusTinaFey!!!

11 - Fri / A day off when its sunny & the temps in the mid 60s was just a perfect lazy day for reading #neededthis

12 - Sat / Got up at 6am to go Christmas shopping before crowds #lovedit #doitmoreoften #homeby10am

13 - Sun / Literally did not get off my couch all day & stayed in my jammies & binged Netflix the whole day. #GLORIOUS

14 - Mon / Let the COVID Vaccine's begin!!! #louisvilleinthenews #UPShub

15 - Tues / I'm counting down to the turn around of the darkness #7moredays

16 - Wed / Today was just gray & gloomy & snowy #Depressing

17 - Thurs /  Gray's Anatomy is just bringing all the heart & COVID issues to light #ifonlyeveryonewouldlisten

18 - Fri /Ever feel like the world is on your shoulders? #mylife

19 - Sat / I've gone back to ordering groceries through Click List with COVID numbers sky rocketing again #IllTakeWhatTheyGiveMe

20 - Sun / Just didnt feel the best today #myfacehurts

21 - Mon / The Hubs got to get a day off work & he ran around all day doing errands that I didnt even get to see him till when he'd normally get home from work. #Iwasworkinganyways

22 - Tues / Went to go get COVID tested because my head is still having issues. #NegativeThankGod #EarInfection

23 - Wed / Up early & in traffic on my day off to make it to the cardiologist #sameheartdoctorfor39years 

24 - Thurs / Poor Hubby had to work on Christmas Eve & his birthday & I stayed home & baked cookies the whole time #likea50shousewife

25- Fri / You know Christmas 2020 was all jacked up when you had to see your family & grandkids standing in 18 degree temps with masks on #BRRRR #thosebabiesstillsocute #WeHadaWhiteChristmas

26 - Sat / The Hubs & I stayed in all day long & watched movies on HBO Max in front of the heater #FinallywatchedIT 

27 - Sun / Back to the Little Clinic because my ear pain is still getting worse #THEPAIN!!!!

28 - Mon /  I was way too excited to start in my new 2021 planners for the year #plannernerd

29 - Tues / Work was insanely crazy where I worked straight through the day & took off to go to my hair appointment & got  back straight to work when I got home & worked till 9:30pm #hadgoodhairworkingthough

30 - Wed / Happy Birthday to me!!! #thisis49

31 - Thurs /  Its a weird feeling watch this awful year go out & a new one roll in! #Iactuallywasawaketoseeit #Pleasebekind2021

WE DID IT!!! Made it through a tough year!
What was your highlight of December?

Of 2020?

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