Monday, January 14, 2019

The weekend that gave us a white Christmas

Did everyone survive the first five day work week of the year last week?

It made the weekend feel even more glorious, didn't it? 

It's just so hard to get back into a routine of working a REAL 5 days & then only getting 2 days off.
Or in my case, a day & a half. Yep - I worked on Saturday.  It was OK, Ricky had to work on Saturday too so he drove me in with him since we work like a quarter mile apart now & it was nice being alone in the office.  I cranked up the Spotify & got a lot done.

Anyways, Friday started off around here with the town freaking out because of an awful four letter word being tossed around. Horrid word. ..... SNOW.

All they have to do is say the word & everyone just thinks the world is coming to an end.  The grocery stores were packed & I had to stop to get gas since my gas tank was empty & there was literally like 3 cars deep on every lane.

Image result for snow freak out

Seriously? We only got 2 inches of snow & it was melted less than 24 hours later. Calm down people.  We're going to survive this.

I also stopped on Friday to pick up my new glasses. I will say, I love the distance in the bifocals - I can actually see really well, but the reading part? I'm telling you - I knew they were going to be too strong. I wear a 2.0 in reading today.... & they bumped it up to a 3.25. COME ON MAN - its not like I'm blind & cant see in the 2.0 - things are just a little fuzzy close up. I can still make it out, but its not like I'm getting off a roller coaster, doing 5 dozen loops. To bump it up 1.25 more? That just seems extreme to me.  So I'll be taking these back & having them adjusted really soon.

Saturday, as I mentioned, we went into work & got stuff done. 

Leaving work to meet up with Ricky
(That's my building behind me)

& then we left from there & picked up some dessert for our Christmas date with our framily.  We have made a trip to the Homemade Pie Kitchen like a WEEKLY tradition instead of a yearly tradition. We always go there on our anniversary. Well, this anniversary must have sparked an idea that we can go more than once a year... & man oh man... do we ever.

This is where I got those adorable Christmas cookies this year too.

We got home just in time to take a nap. We both were exhausted with little sleep the night before & getting up at 4:30am & then working. We knew we were going to have a late night out so a nap was indeed in order.

I sort of napped..... I thought I would fall asleep, but then I turned on The Other Boleyn Girl & was totally wrapped up in it. I've seen it at least a half dozen times, but I still watch it like its the first time.

I think I was so wrapped up this time because I kept thinking - that's Dirty John. (anyone else watching that on E!?)

We then packed up our pies from the Homemade Pie Kitchen & headed to our friends so we could celebrate our holiday together. Yes, its mid-January - but we always do it after things have calmed down & we love it.

The kids love it too - who doesnt love presents a few weeks after Christmas?

The funny thing is though, we walked in with our presents & Emerson just said, "What is that?" - & Ricky said, 'Its presents!" & she said, "OH NO" with the biggest despair. & then said, "We dont need another thing. We are already so spoiled!" .... HAHAHAHA... she is just the funniest thing ever.  She was dead serious too. She kept saying that all night, "We dont need one more thing. We have plenty. We have enough"... her little heart is just the cutest thing.

Her new Moana costume.... she kept wanting her belly to show like Moana 

Even after she opened her presents, she stopped & came up to us & said, "We really didnt need anything".... My heart. I just love these kids.

They got the kids to bed & we ended up talking & chatting & eating pies...

Apple pie for me every time! #myfav

& then played some games. 

Things got a little slap happy when it was way after midnight & I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants.  Slap happy will do that to a person.

But we ended up getting home SUPER LATE... I was just impressed Ricky made it this late. I mean, this could be the time he WAKES UP. 

He did zonk out as soon as we walked in, while I had to feed the dogs who were like, WHAT IS HAPPENING?  But still happy to eat no matter the time on the clock.

Sunday, of course, I was all jacked up.  I slept in till 9:30am after I didnt get to sleep to nearly 2:30am - so I missed the church service, but made it for HSM.  Hate to ever miss my HSM. & so glad I did make it because we had a great big number of girls show up for the class.  Plus, the message was amazing talking about the history of the Bible & how its put together. Sounds like a boring topic, but it really was presented so interesting.

The rest of Sunday was full of just trying to do things around the house & take care of errands & just gearing up for yet ANOTHER 5 day week.

... & hey, after my 2018 where I was in ER's & surgeries & missing 5 day work weeks - I'm not going to complain.  Especially because I'm still so SUPER DUPER excited about my new job. I honestly am giddy to go into work every day to do my job. How fun & cool is that?

So welcome Monday!  Let's do this!

Do you have any "late" Christmases?

Does your town freak out over snow?

What's your favorite game for game night?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New position, energizer bunny & dont touch my Canadian chocolate!!! {Thankful Thursday #203}

Image result for thankful thursday knit by god's hand

This week I am Thankful For:

Insurance payout
Y'all ... tell me how amazing this timed out.  So I have Cancer & Critical care insurance through work. 2 different policies. They will pay you if you get cancer screenings done.  So look who just had a Pap smear, a mammogram & a colonoscopy done.  & being off of work for part of the week in this last pay period, my check was down. DOWNNNNN... & after being off for the pay period before that, I was hurting. Hello Christmas debt.  ... & do you know, the insurance company paid me for those screenings & it made up the difference for what my pay check normally is. THANK YOU LORD!  I honestly cried tears of joy. How faithful is our Lord?

Image result for lord is faithful

Easy New Years Day
I just really enjoyed not doing a darn thing except watching Netflix & working puzzles with my hubby.  I did do some laundry & clean a little, but the majority of the day was just about taking it easy.

Offered new job position
If you missed the post on Monday, I got a new position at work & I'm super excited about it. Feeling so blessed to be a real part of the Accounting Team now & excited to learn more & settle into my new role.

Bruno walking again
Our poor little blind guy had a mishap - on my birthday!!!! & we thought he wasn't going to be able to walk again. It was bad y'all... like I was freaking out thinking he was going to die - ON MY BIRTHDAY. Just how I expected 2018 to close out.  But he is back in the game. It took him about 3 days of rest & staying off his foot, & now, he's walking like normal again.  So glad! He's our little Energizer Bunny!!!!

Lunch with my Love
If you've been around awhile, you know me & Ricky meet every Wednesday for lunch - in the same place - usually the same order. Been doing it for about 7 years now.  & we hadn't met up since the week before Thanksgiving with me being out for my colonoscopy & then my surgery.  So this past Wednesday, it was so nice to get back to seeing him half way through my week & knowing we were on the back side to the weekend.

Starbucks Aye!
That's in my best Canadian accent. How seriously cool is this when I open a package & see not one, but TWO Starbucks mugs - from another land. I love the writing on the box was in French. & even better? It was full of Canadian chocolate & coffee!  I have had Canadian chocolate before & it's delicious so I was way too excited about it when Ricky was like, "isnt it just chocolate?"... He didnt get it. & I dared him to touch the caramel ones.  But I met the kindest soul on Facebook awhile back - & she is so precious where on Thursdays, she'll message me her Thankful Thursday list. She doesnt have a blog but I LOVE she shares the good in her week with me. I'm telling you - I LOVE seeing blessings flow everywhere.  Thank you so much Karen for kicking off my 2019 with expanding my Starbucks collection to new lands.  You are wonderful & I am thankful for YOU!

No photo description available.

60 degree weekend
... in January... YES! I'll take some more of that please.

Back to HSM
I honestly hugged my girls a little too long & a little too hard. I just so so glad to see them again & catch up on their holidays.

Bible Study delivery
I'm so excited to jump into Lisa Harper's bible study & my precious friend picked one up for me when she was out to Lifeway Christian Bookstore. Side note - I am SOOOOOO bummed out & sad that we have no Christian bookstore near us any longer. It takes about 45 minutes to get to one now.  I usually just order online but my sweet Chasity said nope, she'll pick one up as she was going out there.  & then I come home Sunday with a text saying, "It's in your mailbox".  Talk about first class delivery. Cant wait to dig in!!!

If interested, it starts today on Lifeway Christian... they are posting the videos for it free for a few weeks.Just click this picture & it'll link you to it

What are you Thankful for this week?

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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Harry Potter House or Word of the Year? Either way, I love a good quiz.....

I know its that time of the year where people pick their WORD OF THE YEAR.

I used to do that - for quiet a few years... & it would be funny how I'd pray about what word to focus on during that year, & God would show me a lot about that exact word all year long.

Why I never picked the word, BILLIONAIRE is beyond me... I kid...

But I just stopped doing it over the past 2 or 3 years.
It just started to feel like so much pressure. What if I picked a word & didnt like it - or found another one later. Like picking a word was walking down the aisle & putting a ring on it or something.

So I chalked up those years by saying, "God is going to teach me whatever He wants"... which is true if I pick a word or not. That's how God rolls.

But someone posted a quiz you could take & find out your word for the year. Let me fill you in on a secret - I'm a sucker for online quizzes. I have repeatedly taken at least 3 dozen quizzes to let me know which Harry Potter house I would live in - Hufflepuff for the win EVERY SINGLE TIME - & I just aced a Sabrina quiz on Buzzfeed & I am happy to tell you my spirit animal is a bear, which doesnt surprise me one bit. I'm more than happy to hibernate during winter.  & of course, I didnt need a quiz to tell me that I'm most like Belle. I could have told the quiz that myself. But at least now, I have proof.

So when there's a quiz to help you pick a word for the year, I thought, I can waste 5 minute here... but ended up really loving the words it gave me.

Empowerment ... . Strength.... Fearless.... Warrior (I really liked that one)

Image result for resilience

But one just stood out to me over all of them..... It was like the bells rang & I was back in the game of Word of the Year.  I connected with it.  Imprinted for all you Twilight fans (you dont have to admit you like Twilight if you dont want. I for one still love it #TeamEdward)

Let me introduce you to my word for 2019.... RESILIENCE

Image result for resilience handletter

Now, let me learn to misspell it 1000 times too ... I'll have it down by 2020. That's for sure.

But I looked up the definitions & these are the two that swayed me....

An Ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change


& the other definition...

The power or ability to return to the original form, position, after being bent, compressed or stretched

This word was made for me.

& finally....

The ability to recover ready from illness, depression, adversity or the like

OK... I just want to cry.  This word is speaking to my soul.

Image result for resilience

& already, I've been looking up scripture & quotes & articles on resilience (I just misspelled it again)... & let me tell you, its just the band aid for my heart right now.  The reminder that healing happens.  Comebacks happen. Recovery happens. 

I am so excited to find out all I can about the word - find encouragement in this word. Reminders to myself that you can get knocked down, but as long as you get back up, I'm still in the fight.

Do you do the Word of the Year?

If so, what is yours?

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Show me your books (January 2019)

Image result for knit by god's hand books

So I totally slacked off at the end of 2018. I'm always slacking towards the end of the year anyways... but then the surgery came & I just didnt feel like reading.  I was more into knitting in bed.  & now that I have this new position at work, & my schedule is going to be crammed up, I'm thinking my reading is going to be down in 2019. That's a little bit of a bummer. I'll totally be relying on these link ups for some good books then. No time to waste on bad books... 

Anyways - here's the latest books I got in for December. Kind of sad really. But at least it was something.

38915854Catching Christmas
**** / 4 Stars - Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A cab driver keeps getting called to take care of a sweet older lady who isn't well while her granddaughter is trying to keep her job in a law firm.

I picked this up at the library when I saw the word Christmas on it & thought it would be a cute read for the holidays. I am super happy I stumbled upon it. It's SUPER fast to read & a super cute & actually touching book. I didnt even realize that the author was a faith-based author so that was a pleasant surprise.  It was heart tugging at moments & funny at others.  I could totally see this made into a Hallmark Christmas movie!

Read if: You like holiday books.... love a little light love story.... enjoy Luke from Gilmore Girls.... 
Dont read if: if loss around the holidays is tough for you.

... reading my first book about the holidays....

Image result for love christmas reading gif


Quick Summary:  The story after the pageant when Callie & Millie have to work together.

So I loved Dumplin' & super excited Netflix took it & made it a movie - with Jennifer Aniston no less.  But I just never really got that enthused with this book.  Granted - I was just coming out of surgery & I'm frustrated & at the end of my wits  - so I just wasn't in the mood for a YA book.

& then it was time to take the book back to the library & I just didnt care to finish it. I was half way through the book but I could lay down a bet that I could tell you how it was going to end.

I guess I just need Dolly Pardon in a book to make me really interested :)

I'll wait till its available on my kindle from my library & I'll pick up where I left off.... maybe

...How I felt reading this one....

Image result for not in the mood gif

The Next Person you Meet in Heaven
***** / LOVED IT!

Quick Summary:  Annie dies less than a day after her wedding & we see the people waiting in Heaven to show her how their lives were connected.

Oh my goodness. My heart. So full & so broken. I just loved this book.
If you read the first book, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" - then you'll enjoy this one. I think this one is actually better than the first one.

& granted, maybe my circumstances with so many people I love this past year passing away has something to do with it.

But this does have some beautiful thoughts & ideas in it - reminding us that we are connected to one another.

I just really enjoyed it - plus, its such a fast read! Like you can get through it in one day - no problem.

Read if you enjoyed the first book, or Mitch Albom's writing - he just is a great author to me - & read if you enjoy short books - or you are intrigued by the afterlife.

"What's the truth?" Annie asked.

"That the end of loneliness is when someone needs you." The old woman smiled. "And the world is so full of need.”

Image result for its so beautiful gif

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Monday, January 07, 2019

The weekend that has me getting ready to settle into a new routine....

OK... if winter was like this all season long, I wouldnt dread it as much.

Oh, I'd still dread it. After all, I hate the darkness & the dreary... but this weekend, I just loved that it was the kind of weather where you just need a sweater & no winter coat. YAHOOOO. We hit the high 50's this weekend - & possibly even creeped into the 60's.  Thank you Mother Nature.

We needed the break from the rain more than anything. I think its rained every day since November here. The ground is like a huge mud puddle.  All just to add to the beauty of winter.

So I'll take these kinds of winter days every time. Sorry snow lovers.

My weekend was kind of boring, nothing exciting.

I guess the most exciting thing was that I "de-Christmas-ed" ... which I had to laugh when I posted it on Instagram & a lot of you were just as shocked. Y'all know me well.  I'm the house that keeps the tree up till March.  But, let's hold on... I havent disappointed you fully just yet. Because I have this....

a bare tree in my corner.

This is usually what ends up staying up till March.

But I dont imagine this will stay like this till March solely because its probably going into the garbage.  By the end of December, the WHOLE bottom section of the tree went out, along with the whole TOP section... & a few lights in the middle.  We saw this tree slowly give up through the holiday & I felt like this tree was my spirit animal in a way.

So there's no need to take this down & put in a bag & drag back to the barn.... we can just throw it in a box & sing a hymn & play a sad song & say goodbye.

I will add, it was wonderful not putting out all the decorations this year because it made cleaning up SO MUCH EASIER too. Yeah. I'll be doing that more often. I even put everything we had out in one tote so it should make things easier to pull it out next year.  Progress.

While I was putting everything up, I found the new show on Netflix from the queen of tidying up... & I just kept looking at all my ornaments & was like, "Does this bring me joy?"... I did make a pile of things that I could do without.... & then Ricky was like YES - that brings me joy - to EVERYTHING. So much for that. I'll try to talk to him more about this theory later. I just wanted everything down & out for the year.

Image result for tidying up with marie kondo netflix
Should someone always be this happy?
Sunday was nice because I was FINALLY back with my HSM gang & just so glad with these precious girls again & just get to worship with my church family.  I dont think I've ever sang louder. Sorry to the people next to me.

... so much for the weekend...

But I gotta end the this post with some news. Some GOOD news. How about that for a change???

If you dont see me around as much this week, I'm once again learning a new routine in my week.
Y'all know I love my job, right? It's wonderful there.....

Well, I'm still there... but last week, after a series of circumstances, I got a promotion. YAHOO!!!! A whole new position.  I only got a day & a half of training & now I'm tossed into a new role.- but I'm so super excited about it because I'm back into the accounting arena like I enjoy.  I know its going to be a challenge, but I'm excited to take it on.

Last week, I ended up not getting off work till nearly 6pm every night so I was beat down something fierce.  & I know that this week, trying to get settled into my new desk, I'm still going to be stressed out getting used to the new surroundings, the new job - just a lot going on.

So yeah, if you dont see me around this week much, I'm still reading - just may not be able to comment like I usually do. 

Wish  me luck in this new adventure. I thought it was funny I found out about this new position on January 2 - the first day back to work in 2019.  Hoping this is a sign that the year is truly going to turn around for me. 

& now, we go into a full 5 day work week. (Groaning with me?) .... but let's get back to routine - or learn what the new routine looks like... & let's just all keep PRESSING ON!!!!

Anyone else counting down to Spring?

Does it take you awhile to get settled into a routine or are you a fly by your seat kinda person?

Are you someone who takes down Christmas on Christmas Day or someone who likes to keep it up as long as possible?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Planner time, trees everywhere & am I Snow White's evil queen?

Image result for knit by gods hand thankful thursday

This week I am Thankful For:

Mirror Mirror on the wall
I have been wanting a new make up mirror for the longest & the hubs picked me one out that I really really love.  The light is such a pretty white light & the mirror is so clear - especially the magnifying side - which these old eyes needs.  AND I'll also add, that magnifying side is also sort of scary. You shouldnt look TOO closely. I just focus on the eyebrows & not the skin. Sort of makes me understand the Evil Queen from Snow White & why she was in such a bad mood when she looked in her mirror all the time.  Anyhoo, this has Bluetooth on it where I can play Spotify off my phone on there. Not sure why that's a thing, but its nice to have in case I need it.

My Christmas Photo Shop Family
So this has become such a fun tradition. I've done two of this families weddings & we just love this gang. They are so precious. & a few years ago, they put up their annual Christmas picture.  Well, I took a picture of Chasity & I that was taken at their wedding we did when we had a picture taken with the whole family at the reception, I took the pics of us two & photo shopped into their annual picture.  They thought it was so funny & then the next year, they actually left a space for us to get photoshopped in.  & now, its just something that we all laugh about & look forward to.  I told Chasity I especially love it that we're never aging in it. haha  She is actually pregnant with Caden in this picture & he's getting ready to turn 3.  But I am just so thankful for this family that has such a sense of humor & loves me & Chasity crashing their holiday pic every year.

Erin Condren Life Planner
Love pulling out my new planner. Its been sitting in the box in my front room for months & I'm excited to pull it out & get it put to work.  There's just something that feels like a fresh start when you see all the blank, empty pages.

Work Giving Target Card
I love that my job gives a Target gift card to you on your birthday. How cool  is that?

Hubby on my birthday
Ricky was just so good at letting me make the choices of the day on my birthday & treating me with sweet & thoughtful gifts & even more sweet treats!  He really did make my day special.

New Christmas Tree
I've posted pictures of our tree all season long fizzling out - lights were going out all over it all season long. It looks pitiful now. Granted, its like 5 years old - maybe older.  But we found a Christmas tree we've been eyeing for awhile on clearance.  YAHOO.. & not even that, we found the Christmas tree I've been wanting 75% off - so we got that too. Needless to say, we can make our house Christmas Tree Central next holiday if we wanted.

It changes colors or stays on certain colors. It's going to be fun next year!

Health Insurance
I could cry every time I think how different life is with insurance from my job compared to the junk I had to pay for self insured coverage.  Here's my latest surgery bill... Yep, I owe $12.00

Can we even talk how much one outpatient surgery costs???? WOW. What do people do with no insurance at all?

What are you Thankful for this week?

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

One Sentence a Day {December 2018}

Here to go... last one of the year... the end of 2018 (THANK GOD)... but December is always a big month for us wtih Ricky's Birthday, my birthday, & of course, the BIG GUY'S birthday :)  Let's see what December looked like One Sentence a Day

Image result for knit by gods hand one sentence a day

1.  Never even got out of my sweat pants all day long. #whatsaturdaysarefor

2.  It was tough at HSM saying good bye to my girls since I probably wont see them the whole month of December in thanks to my surgery this week. #willmissthem

3. My sweet husband let me pick out dinner for my last day of being able to eat normal for awhile. #herewego

4.  Colonoscopy preps have to be a version of hell. #bathroomismyhome

5.  Tap one up for a vegetarian lifestyle for a clean & healthy colon #mydaddywouldbesohappy

6.  They were able to do the fistulotomy!!!!! #thankyoufortheprayers

7.  The retreat to my bed has begun #andalloftheknitting

Day after surgery selfie

8.  I watched so much Netflix in one day, my brain feels like its on overdrive. #healingadventures

9. Knitting & Netflix. #mylife

10.  My brother & momma came to visit me today. #lovemyfamily

11.  In total shock to find out a long time friend has had a heart attack & is in a coma & may not survive. #2018justwontstop #praying #sameage

12.  I just sat & cried my eyes out when another abscess is forming after all this surgery. #willitneverend

13. My friend passed away. #Icantbelieveit

14. Went to the doctor for a check up & she's giving me antibiotics to wave off any abscess #pleaseLordletitwork

15. So glad its the weekend & the hubs is back home with me. #missedhimallweekhomealone

16.  Finished my binge of The Haunting of Hill House & man, that was a good show!!! #stickswithyou

Image result for haunting of hill house

17.  Moved onto to Fuller House season 4! #lovethisshow

18.  Went to the funeral of my friend & just was heart broken watching her husband & children. #tooyoung

19.  Trying to finish up all the Christmas knitting. #myhandsarestiff

20. BACK TO WORK!!!! #iamtired #notusedtowalkingthatmuch

21  Half the office... & downtown... seems like they're already off for the holidays. #notraffic #emptyoffices

22.  Got to celebrate Christmas with my Vincent family in jammies. #needtodothiseveryyear

23. Excited to go to church with the Hubs to hear the Christmas sermon. #HOPEhascome

24.  Celebrated the hubby's birthday and then we tackled our first Christmas without my daddy. #rollercoasteremotionday

Loved my dress with dogs in Santa hats #ChristmasEveoutfit

25.  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!! #lazydaywithhubby

Christmas Breakfast at its finest

26.  Back to work & back to the surgeon, who told me she was going to go ahead & snip the stitches out & I was like, WHAT? #hadnoideaievenhadstitches

27.  So many coworkers around that are sick & still coming & staying at work. #GOHOME #DONTCOMEBACKTILLHEALTHY #STOPSPREADINGYOURGERMS

28.  It was so crazy busy at work, I honestly felt like I blinked & it was time to go. #dontmindbusy

29.  Should have been cleaning my house on a Saturday, but ended up working on a puzzle all day long. #sorrynotsorry

30.  Love when a birthday falls on a weekend! #hello47

31.  Had every intention to stay up to midnight & gave Ricky so much grief for being so tired.... & I ended up being the one asleep by 10pm #ohwell #wokeupto2019anyways


This is totally me seeing 2018 out of here!!!

Image result for go away gif

& feel free to join in with us every month to link up with others & see what the month looks like One Sentence a Day.  The link up is the first Tuesday of every month. It really is nice to look back over your year this way. Funny how one little sentence can bring back a full day of memories.

ONTO 2019!!!