Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas to all!

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Well, I'm going to go ahead & post up my wishes to you all
of a beautifully blessed Merry Christmas.

Today will be hectic because ... shhhhh... its Ricky's Birthday.
He took it off Facebook so I dont know if he doesnt anyone to know???

So I'm sliding it in here on my blog

He actually has to work today (BOO!!!! - having to work on your birthday AND Christmas Eve!!)
But when he gets off, we're running out to get some Birthday dinner for him
...we're taking our ornaments over to the Remembrance tree for my daddy & my uncle
& then we do the holidays with my family.

Tomorrow, its easy for us - laid back.
I plan on making some crock pot veggie chili & we have been known to go to the movies
... or also been known to stay in Jammies all day & binge some Christmas movies or some movies we've been holding off on watching till we're together just snuggled at home.

Who knows how the day will go.

Wherever we go - whatever the day looks like - I know I'll be doing my tradition of getting up early & drinking coffee by the tree & reading my Bible & just relaxing waiting for the sun to rise.

& I will lift up a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS!!!!
So grateful for the gift of The Son that offers us eternal salvation.
No pair of socks can beat that.

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