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Show us your books {December 2019}

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Coming up to the end of the year... the time where I want to sit & read all the books in front of the tree - but all the Christmas things that need to be done.  I'll try & sneak in the time though.

Here we go on all the latest...

15783514. sy475 The Ocean at the End of the Lane
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  A man goes back to the area he grew up at & remembers the family that lived at the end of the street that weren't quite like any neighbors or friends he's ever had before.

This book was perfect to read around Halloween - I had actually started reading it on Halloween & got through it the next day.  It has all sorts of enchantments & mystery & horror & heart warming relationships.  It's a weird one - definitely.  Under 200 pages, you'll zoom through this one & I couldn't put it down because I wanted to see how it all would turn out.

Read if you enjoy some sort of universal magic, or fantasy.  Girl power rules in this too!

"Grown ups dont look like grown-ups on the inside either.  Outside, they're big & thoughtless & they always know what they're doing.  Inside, they look just like they always have. Like they did when they were your age.  The truth is, there aren't any grown-ups. Not one, in the whole wide world!"

**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Starts with 2 people meeting on an airplane ... & we're off... each story drifts from character to character in each chapter.

What a interesting book. It's only 160 pages so I read it in less than 2 hours. Plus, its just interesting - how you start with 2 people on a plane & it goes from that 2nd person's story & then someone in his life, the next chapter is their story & then a person in that story becomes the topic of the next chapter.  It just is a cool read to see how everyone is connected really.

Because most of the characters are traveling via planes, we get to see characters from all over the world.... showing us how wide our connections really go.

The front of the book is one of those art works where you draw a line & dont bring up the pen but connect it all together - that's the perfect description of the book.

I really didnt want to stop because I think if I would have stopped, I would have lost the vibe of the story... & I'm glad I read it all the way through. So enjoyable.

What she hated about even mild turbulence was the way it ended the illusion of security, the way that it made it impossible to pretend that she was somewhere safe.

32498122The Identicals
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  When life throws some chaos in the lives of twin sisters who no longer talk, they have to switch places to deal with situations - only causing bigger problems, but also healing.

I always love a Hilderbrand book.  The way she writes & the 'no chapter' style writing, switching from character to character's point of view.  This one was fun with having identical twins - giving me some Parent Trap vibes, but not really.  Not the same story.

This one took me awhile to get through just because life - but I was determined to see how it worked out. I wasn't too happy with the ending, just because it felt like a lot needed to get wrapped up & it ended so abruptly & (SPOILER?) the ending just gets summed up by the dog.  That was weird.  But I still enjoyed it.

My only negative on this one - there was a LOT of characters. I mean, most Hilderbrand books are that way - but there were hunks of pages that were devoted to these strangers talking & gossiping that showed how it all circles back around...but I could have done without all that.

“I want you to do what siblings are supposed to do—hate your parents but love each other!”

Cant wait for the Favorite books of the year posts that will
happen soon!!!
Always my favorite!!!

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