Thursday, December 26, 2019

The last one of 2019!!! {Thankful Thursday #252}

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The day after Christmas!! So much to be Thankful for!
I know this list doesnt touch it - & I'll probably be adding to it next week too for all the Holiday celebration - 

& I can't believe this is the last Thursday of THE YEAR!!! WHAT???
We keep doing though.  Another year of gratitude.

The reason I always enjoyed doing this is so I can look back on New Years Eve night & read through my posts. Look at all the good things that have happened in the past year.  If you have joined me throughout the year, I hope you do the same. Pull up those posts. Take a look back at all the blessings in your life in 2019!

I'll be doing my Christmas post probably on Monday because I gotta keep my Thankful Thursday up... especially in this season where there's gratefulness overflowing!
The blog posts - you never know what's going to pop up when till after the New Year & things get settled in... so enjoy the ride with me until we get through the fun of the season.

This week I am Thankful for:

Secret Santa
This year, we did a Secret Santa at work & its just been the most fun. Little surprises on your desk.  My secret Santa has just been so fun too because I walk away from my desk & find Dove chocolates scattered across my desk with mini Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. Chocolate & germ killed? My love language.

Another year - all clear
I swear, I hold my breath until I get that letter that says my mammogram came back clear. When I see the envelope, I snatch it open like a letter from Santa. Thank you Lord for one less thing to worry about this year.

Another Friday Off
I may have not been able to do what I was planning by waiting on a delivery, but I got a lot done around the house while I was here. Got 90% of my wrapping done & loads of laundry.  I wont ever complain about a day off work.

Jammie Christmas
I love that my Vincent family took this tradition into a 2nd year of wearing PJ's on our get together.  I took it as a great excuse to get me a new pair of cute jammies with coffee cups all over it.  I figure I can wear them on Christmas morning too.

Birthday Celebration
Our buddy Ryan's birthday fell on a Sunday & I didnt have HSM so I was able to sneak over & surprise him in his own Youth class that he teaches.  It was great being back in the "house that made me" & watching Ryan do his thing with these kids. He's so good at teaching - both youth & adults. He's always had the hand of God on him & his passion for sharing God's word.  It was a treat for me to be able to sit in one of his messages.

December 21
That day right there is the turn around for me. The sign of hope.  The signal that we get one more minute of sunlight each day now. BRING IT ON.

Our GCC fish made it home.
Cracking me up .. I talked about this on Monday so check it out if you missed it - but it CRACKED US UP that this Big Green Fella made it back to our home.  It's traveled many a home over the years.  I love whoever took the time to sneak it back to our house.

A friend that totally gets you
My work sister ... she brought me the coolest gift for Christmas - just about EVERY SINGLE THING I love in life.  I love when people get me.

Homemade Belle warmth
Speaking of awesome people I work with... I havent gotten a picture loaded in time for this post - but I gotta - keep an eye out - my coworker made me for Christmas a scarf with hand pockets in it with a matching head band with a hand sewn rose on it - all of it.... covered in Belle!!!!! I honestly squealed when I saw it.  When it gets cold again? I guarantee I'll be wearing this EVERYWHERE!

Remembrance Tree
I still love that the owner of this tree continued sharing her big tree for others to come honor their passed loved ones... & love so many take advantage of it by doing it as well. The tree is covered in ornaments & its beautiful & sad all at once.  Love I can honor my daddy & uncle on it.  I always keep their ornaments side by side.

Morning Christmas Tree Glow
The 'magic' of Christmas isn't the same when you dont have small kids in your home on Christmas morning - so I love that I can take the time & just sit in the glow of the Chirstmas tree on Chirstmas morning & just relax.  Be still. Those sorts of moments are so far & few in between.

65 Degree Christmas Day
YEESSSSS - I'm sorry - I know a lot of people want a White Christmas. Let me sit outside & read all day on Christmas & that's the best gift in the world to me.

With it being Christmas just yesterday - tell me something GREAT about your week!!

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