Thursday, December 05, 2019

Thankful Thursday #249

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This week I am Thankful for:

Off Early
We got out of work early on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  It was just an hour & a half for me, but man, it might as well been a half day. Loved it!

Pharmacy being open
My mom needed some medicine filled on Thanksgiving in an emergency sort of way so grateful for the CVS that was open on a holiday.

5:30am Late Wake up Call
Ricky usually wakes me up around 4am to go Black Friday shopping so I was super pumped that I got to "sleep in" till 5:30 on the big shopping day!!!  I usually get up at 5am on any day anyways so it really was a little bit of a rest for me.

Black Friday shopping with Hubby
The hubs thought he was going to have to work on Black Friday - which really would have been a bummer because we love our shopping day.  Somehow it worked out where he ended up at the last minute getting off... SO HAPPY! I gotta have my partner to tackle the stores & carry all the bags.

Hubs that enjoys shopping
Saying that above - I know a lot of people, their husbands dont enjoy shopping. I married a shopper. He's all about finding deals & bargains & wandering through stores looking for things.  ... except he does draw a line at Hobby Lobby or Michaels... but he's happy to drop me off & he'll go to the store near it & pick me back up. I'll take it.

Meeting new set of twins
So we had twin grandsons born earlier in the year in Florida & some circumstances kept us from meeting them... until this past week.  I think Ricky instantly fell in love when he held them.  I mean, there was no way to resist it.  They are all sorts of precious. I have a place in my heart for twins anyways.  ... I'd post a picture but I havent asked momma or daddy yet & dont want to do anything they may not like - so hopefully I'll post a picture soon - because CUTE Y'ALL - just beyond CUTE!!!!

Lunch with family
Thanksgiving weekend, 2 of Ricky's girls were home & we got to meet up with them for lunch & spend some time chatting & catching up.  There's so much wrapped up in that last sentence I wrote, you can't even imagine... it's been quite awhile since we saw one of the daughters so it was just the biggest answer to prayer to be able to hug her & to reminder her that we love her.  It really was the biggest blessing of our year.  No doubt

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