Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baby Day

If you've ever been around me for almost any length of time - you've heard me talk about my twin nieces - I think they hung the moon! Well - today, they are 3 years old - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA & MADI! I can't believe it's been 3 years - I cant remember life without them there! When they were born, Juli (their mommy - yes, another Juli, but this one without an "e") was sick & the rules are the mom's are supposed to hold the baby when they are being transferred to the room. Juli had to be tucked in under warm blanets so my brother carried one baby & I just happened to be there in the recovery room so I got to carry the other baby to the room!!! I had Sophia & got to take her on her first elevator ride! Now, I've never dropped a child in my life - but when you're holding a baby that is just an hour old -& so tiny & wrinkly & red, I was a nervous wreck thinking I was going to trip (now that - I'm good at - just look down at the other post!) All was well - & I've been in love with these girls ever since! Now, they are 3 years old which is a great age - full of fun conversations & lots of attitude. Their birthday party is this weekend so I'm looking forward to spending the day with them celebrating!

On the other baby front - Isaac is coming home today!!! I talked to Julie (with an "e") last night & they were at the store getting everything they needed for the baby homecoming - mainly, bottles & preemie diapers. They have newborn size which are too big (How cute is that!). I told her to take pictures of his first car ride. She said she cant believe they're sending her home with him - a new mom's nerves. She said she doesnt know what to do with him - I think that's why God let's babies sleep so much at first - just so parents can get use to this new person being in the house. Julie said her car looks so funny with a car seat in the back! Reality is really hitting in! But of course, there is tons of excitement there too! I told Steve he better not take his hands off that wheel to turn around & check on Isaac - Julie will be sitting there with him on the trip home. "Dont even change that radio" were my last orders! Julie assured it wont even be on! So wish Julie & Steve lots of luck bringing their new bundle home.


  1. you gotta cut this out! I'm getting a "baby fever" again!

  2. After having Kailyn I realized exactly what you said. God does make them sleep so much at first because new moms just don't know what they are doing. We learn just as much as they do as they go along. That's why babies don't come out walking and talking!!



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