Thursday, October 04, 2007


Isaac Lee Bohannon has officially made his entrance into the world! That little boy just was determined not to make his due date of November 15th - but that's OK because all is well!

When we last heard from Julie - it was around 3:30 (this is all my time in Greenville - Julie is an hour behind) & she was heading back to the hospital because she was in so much pain still. They had sent her home around 7:00 am after keeping her over night because no changed happened. Then the next call was around 6:00 pm and she was 5 cm dilated & waiting on the epidural. The next call was at 7:30 pm & Isaac was here - WHAT??? She said while she was waiting for the "miracle spinal shot" - she had dilated to 9 cm already & there was no time for pain meds! So Julie - being the wonder woman she is - had that baby el naturale! She said she screamed like no other scream has ever come out of her before. But she did it! Apparently there was a few minutes of tension but Isaac was born at 6:51 (5:51 Texas time)!

They has to wisk him away since he was born 6 weeks early - but they said he needs no machines because that little snuggly boy is so strong! He's coming in at a whooping 4 lbs 9 oz (I think I'm right on that - may need to adjust it) - & not sure on the length.

So me & Ricky are waiting so anxiously for pictures! I know Steve, the husband/photographer has been busy taking care of his wife, & now, his son so I guess there wasn't time for downloading - but I'm not going to be patient for long! I'm dying to see this little man! You can bet as soon as I get a picture - it'll be posted for all to see!

And the first thing I asked - does he have red hair? Julie said he has a head full of it - but apparently its brown (DARN IT) but I'm still betting it has a red tint to it!

So YIPEE - me & Ricky are officially a Nanny & Pappy!


  1. Congratulations again my co-Nanny! You and Ricky will make wonderful grandparents!!! The world can never have too many Nanny and Pappy duos!!!!

    The Other Nanny!!!!

  2. I'm also eagerly awaiting photos of Mr. Isaac. I almost feel like an aunt!

    Congratulations on a new member of the family!


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