Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is my mom - Alma! She isn't too happy to think about it - but today is her birthday! I told her, the alternative is alot worse than hitting a number that you dont like. I for one, am glad she's hitting that number - she's still around!

I dont know how to even describe my mom - to me, she's always been a great friend. She's probably one of the coolest, funniest people I know. I can sit & talk with her for hours & no one can get me in a gut laugh like my mom. She's probably one of my favorite people in this world - & not just because she's my mom. Most people probably feel like they HAVE to say that because it's their mother - but I mean it wholeheartedly.

I had to go to physical therapy for my shoulder a few months back & the therapist was the son of one of my mom's best friends. He asked how my mom was & this is how he described her - & I guess it fits - he said "When mom had a party, I didn't ever have to ask if Alma was there - because, if she was there - then she WAS the party!" That's the perfect description of my mom!

And more importantly, my mom (along with my dad) raised me & my brother in the church - always showing us the importance of God in our lives. An unreplaceable lesson in my life. So - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (Even if you're not happy about it!) I LOVE YOU!
PS - I noticed in the picture - 9 out of 10 times, if you see my mom - she'll have a TAB can in her hand. That's how you'll know its her! (hehe!)

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  1. Today was my boss's birthday, too.

    If you really do want to knit lace I don't recommend chosing a pattern that says "easy" because easy lace = boring lace. You can knit socks and they're way harder than lace! My advice is to choose a pattern that is visually appealing to you and in the intermediate range. I also recommend chosing a pattern with multiple motifs to stave off the repetitive lace boredom!

    As for the yarn - I am a fan of Jagger's Zephyrspun Silk/Wool in lace weight (they also make a DK in that yarn - make sure you get the lace). You can get it at Sarah's Yarns for $6.00 for a 630m ball! I did my shawl with just one ball.

    I can't wait to see what you choose. :)


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