Friday, October 05, 2007


NO - THATS NOT ISAAC!!!! I'm just dying to see a Baby!!!!..........I think my son in law is enjoying torturing me! We have yet to see a picture of Isaac. Yes - I understand they're still in the hospital & Steve hasn't left either - but the man is a computer specialist! You'd think he'd have like a car full of laptops that he could connect somewhere! You'd think the hospital would have some sort of system where they could send out picture (or even video! - an idea) immediately to family that is far away!
No - I think Steve is enjoying not sending me pictures - making me check my email 1,000 times a day to see if any pictures are there. And even worse - Ricky got to hear Isaac screaming & yelling - so we know he's really real now (I doubt after Julie's pain, she's not doubting he's real) but now we need a face to go with the screams! I dont enjoy torture!

Anyways - last night was our small group again & we had two new people once again join us! We felt at first we had to be on "good behavior" - nah, they fit right in on the laughter we always enjoy there! Our talks ventured from the story of Jesus telling the adulterous woman "No one is left to condemn you - neither do I - Go & sin no more" (LOVE that story) - to the story of Jesus saying "Give to Caesar what is Caesar & give to God what is God". Ricky & his mind working said - "Doesnt everything belong to God - so did Jesus mean to really give to Caesar?" - that led to some great talks. & finally we discussed the two greatest commandments Jesus told us - "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind & soul - and Love your neighbor as yourself" ........ it was another great night of talks & deep searching in the Bible. Love that group! And Ricky was the proud "Grand Pappy V" (what a name!) - he had his little "Its a Boy" bubble gum cigars & Mint cigars passing out to everyone! I took a picture of him with his goodies - he was beaming!


  1. I was able to see the little one last night--so cute! (This is Terry's wife, by the know, Steve's cousin-in-law :P)

    Both Isaac and Julie look so good. Isaac has Steve's hair and Julie's chin. And Julie was up and about and very happy.

    I told Terry that we need to get started on a playmate for Isaac! ;)

  2. OK Rachel - I'm jealous of you now!! I'm glad Julie has you around - she adores you! - & you're right - Isaac will need a playmate that can grow up with him & they can be close like Steve & Terry. I'm sure you'll be getting "baby fever" soon enough being around Isaac!

    Take care!


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