Friday, October 26, 2007

Feel like a kid again!

Remember that feeling when you were in school - the last day before Christmas vacation, or Spring Break, or forget about the whole 3 months of Summer vacation. The anticipation of that final bell ringing couldnt get here soon enough. That's where I'm at today - 4:00 - please get here! I'm on vacation next week! I'm itching in my seat even as I speak (or type if you want to be technical!) So much to catch up on before I leave - dont even want to think how much I have to catch up on when I get back either - just want that week off!

Vacation will start tonight with plans already for the whole week. Tonight - I'll be enjoying a kid's Halloween party that Amber is throwing for her kiddo's & their friends. I'm supposed to be helping but I have a feeling I'll be involved in the fun with the kids! I always enjoy being around kids - they're need to have fun without caring about what they look like - that's all for me!

Tomorrow- the fun REALLY happens. The youth (both junior & senior high) are involved in a scavenger hunt. Last year, it was probably one of my top 10 fun things that happened - I think we laughed the entire night - sore stomachs the next day! The kid's personality really shines through on outings like this - & its such a fun time to spend with them. And bring in competition - I'm there! (My team WILL win by the way!) Last year, one of the funniest moments - we have to stop in different places that we figure out by the clues. We ended up in Corydon & I knew Lindsay was working (at McDonalds at the time) - I asked my team if we could run in there for a second. They were all for it. We shot out of the car, ran into McDonalds - my team of girls just started yelling "Where's Lindsay?" - poor Linds...she looked so confused. We made her come around to take a picture with us & as you can see by the look on her face - she wasn't quite sure what just happened. She said everyone in McDonalds laughed about it all night long. I do know for a fact, she will be working again this Saturday - now at Cracker Barrell - so if you are in Corydon Saturday night - I have a feeling you'll be seeing my team come in for our annual "Lindsay picture". It doesnt give us any extra points - but its just fun to bring others into our night of scavenger hunting!

Sunday - its our big "Making Strides for Breast Cancer" walk! I'm so anxious to walk together for such a great cause! TEAM VICTORY! And, Sunday is also mine & Ricky's 12th wedding anniversary! I'll have more to say about that later. (Maybe even a wedding photo from the big day!)

Then later in the week - the trip to Texas. I dont even want to talk about the trip though. For those who know me - I'm not a plane person & I have literally gotten sick twice just thinking about it - no joke! ..... I'm getting nauseated & dizzy now just mentioning it - I've got to change the subject!

So, I'm watching the time tick. At 4:00 - you know there is going to be at least one happy person in the world. I may even get some recycled paper & throw it in the air as I walk out the door. Truthfully, I know the week will fly & I'll be back to my little hole in the corporate world in no time - but I'm going to enjoy every minute away!


  1. that night was so much fun!!! but when i saw the picture i knew that i was there but i couldnt find myself because of the hair i have forgotten how long it was!! i am kind of sad that i wont be in the Lindsay picture this year because i am not on your team so i guess that means you guys are going to lose!!!!

  2. I am looking foward to the scavenger hunt tomorrow night as well! It was a blast last year and I am sure it will be the same this year!

  3. Rebecca the only thing I have to say to you is that you had better be ready to lose tomorrow night! My team is well prepared to leave everyone else in the dust. We will pull off a victory or my name isn't (French Fry) 8-)

  4. Have a great vacation and a wonderful anniversary! Give Julie, Steve, and Isaac big hugs for me.


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