Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Its going to be SO good!

Oh - we had our practice last night for our "Thrive" skit - it was so exciting! The first run throughs, it was scary thinking it wasn't going to come together like we wanted it to - then something clicked & we started hitting it - we could all feel the seriousness of the message.

Ideas were being thrown up with lighting & more dramatic movements & the over all affect - oh, its going to be awesome! I am "suicide" so I get to come on the stage near the end so I get to watch alot of it & its just great to see how Joe interprets the "Jesus" emotion - & to see the other "evils" tempt this poor girl. Its really chilling.

I have a mask on where you cant see my face so I actually do have an advantage - I can whisper to Jordan (who is playing the lead) & tell her where to go & what to do if we have to stretch & no one can see my lips move - but by the end - that mask is suffocating me. It gets very hot in it & after all the "fighting" in the end, I need to slide an oxygen mask up to my mouth . At least the skit is not over 6 minutes.

I'm anxous for someone to video tape the whole thing so we can see how it all comes together because once I'm on stage, I cant see Joe or Ryan who is down at the other end & I just cant wait to see it all come together. I hope we get a lot of people to come see this - it will touch the heart!

This morning - I'm SORE! Throwing myself on the floor & catching & throwing Jordan - I got my workout! And poor Jordan - I hope she's feeling OK this morning - she was tossed & thrown & hit that ground so many times. At least she's young & can bounce back easily.

The best part of the night - me & Ryan were hanging out outside the church - it was a beautiful, cool evening & we got to talking - & we were there until almost midnight!!! We talked for over 2 hours! It was a great talk full of memories, laughter & of course, tears. Ricky & I just love that boy. I am just so anxious to see how God uses him because he has such a heart for God! He's so like his mom when it comes to that - I think that's why we are so drawn to taking care of him - we do see so much of Steph in him. Continue to pray for his physical test for the fire department!

And pray for this Thrive skit & the message that Cara will deliver - it can touch so many people - no matter the age!

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