Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exciting day!

I'm so excited! I open up my email this morning & find my invitation to join Ravelry.com! This is a knitting/crochet web site that stores so much information! You can put your projects that are still on the needles, projects you've finished, projects you want to work on - it even holds all the stash of yarn you have laying around the house & keeps tracks of all the needles you own! Its pretty amazing if you are a knitter. The one thing, so many people try to get on there - there is actually a waiting list once you subscribe. When I asked to subscribe, I was told there was 1,457 people in front of me waiting for approval - YIKES! But every day, I would move up, & you can see the people who are behind you waiting too - the number grows daily! So today, when I opened my email & saw I'm FINALLY invited - WHOO-HOOO!!! Its going to be a good day!

OK - now I got that out of my system, let me tell you about Ryan & his day yesterday! Poor guy woke up feeling horrible! He said his head was killing him like no other headache had ever hit me. It sounded like a migraine to me - the kind where every step you take, you feel it in your whole body & it makes you want to throw up? Now imagine that sort of pain with each step & then run up 7 flights of stairs, a few times, with a 80 lbs water hose over your shoulder! Oh my!

Plus, we called Ryan early to let him know of the traffic coming across the bridge. Anyone else sit in it yesterday? I'm on the expressway at 6:30 AM & I sat in it for 35 minutes - (how do you get car sick in an idle car - I can do it!) Ryan left early but still, things weren't cleared up & he sat in traffic, watching the clock tick by. This was not adding to his headache. He said he just started praying "God, if you want me at this test, you'll clear whatever is holding me back - you'll send the angels now to get me there" - He got there!

Once he was getting ready to start the test, he really didnt even think he was going to make it - he was in so much pain with his head. The time started & he was off. He said about half way through, he almost gave up - the pain in his head was making him just so sick. He told me though what he wanted to focus on was the pain his mom endured with her cancer & how she fought it so bravely - I think that's what gave him the courage to go on. He thought his time was horrible - with the way he was feeling, there was no way he made his goal of under 7:00 minutes. He struggled to the finish line - his time....6:54!!!! Can you believe it! He couldnt! I told him, angels were picking him up carrying him along! We cant even imagine what his time would be if he was feeling well!!! He was soooo happy - but still feeling bad. Poor thing - he called Ricky, told him the news, & then said he was going to bed. I talked to him last night & he said he came home, soaked his muscles & then slept - he was feeling better last night. I think the devil was just trying to mess things up - but doesn't he know how many people were covering this boy in prayer! And once again, it worked - God is so good!

So Ryan wont hear anything until all the tests are complete - probably in another 2-3 weeks. Then, the only steps that are left is an interview process, a physical & lie detector test - all of which he'll have no problems. It looks like our boy Ryan could be a firefighter! Keep lifting him up! Let's get him in the class, leading the way with prayers!


  1. Poor Guy on being sick...know how that feels sometimes. But I SOOOoooo excited to hear his time! I know he's been kicking Ricky's butt when running. I know he'll make firefighter no problem!

  2. So I now of this picture of Stephanie up in heaven saying "Alright you there... big Angel... get my boy and get him over the finish line right now! He has a dream and we need to make sure that it comes true!"

    What angel could resist the plea of a mom???


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