Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comfort in storms

Oh, when it storms at night - I dont get much sleep. See, Bruno, our little Carine Terrior (think Toto from Wizard of Oz) gets terrified when it storms. I mean TERRIFIED! Poor little thing just panics & runs around, & then wants to be held, then wants to run again - then wants to hide again - a cycle this is very tiring throughout the night. Bruno has legs that are about an inch long, so they are not made for jumping. We have those little steps that he can walk up to get on the bed - well, he cant even jump from those, but at least, he can climb up to the top & I can pick him up easier from that top step. (I pulled my shoulder out of socket lifting him up from the floor at 3:00 AM one time) Zoe - she is afraid as well, but as long as she can get in a closet or under a bed, she's fine. As for Sydney & Buffy - they could care less. I've actually seen Buffy lay in the yard in the middle of a horrible down pour, like the sun was shining (she's the lab - they love water).

This morning, on the 100th time of picking Bruno up, something spooked him & he just ran up next to my head, buried his head under my neck & shook like a leaf. It would have been so cute if it wasnt so heart breaking to see him so scared. Of course, I'll hold him & tell him he's going to be OK, hide his face so he doesnt see lighting, turn the TV on trying to drown the thunder - shoot, I've even camped out in the basement with the TV up full blast before so he could lay down & not worry.

Made me many times do we get in the middle of storms in life, panic, shake, try to find comfort or shelter somewhere. All the while, God is holding us, telling us "It's OK" - God knowing nothing is going to happen to us that He wont allow, God trying to soothe us, but we just dont understand - we're just afraid, not understanding the fear we're living in. I can hold Bruno & KNOW he's going to be OK - but he doesnt know it. Does God see it that way too?

I hear its going to storm again tonight - another restless night ahead. I'm glad God doesnt need sleep like I do!

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