Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thanks Jen!

I just received the best gift in the whole world yesterday in the mail! First, let me tell you about Jen. I met Jennifer when she was working with the motorcycle company that I do the books for. Her fiancee at the time was a sponsored rider & she ended up working in the office side of it. We instantly clicked as friends. Time changed things, she left the job, left her fiancee, & ended up marrying her best friend & moving to Canada (a great story made for the movies) - we never lost touch with each other. That's been at least 4 years since she's been gone from Kentucky & we still talk at least weekly to each other.

She sent me in the mail yesterday a scrapbook she has been working on for months (months meaning over a YEAR!). Now, in her defense, she is also a new mom to a GORGEOUS little boy, & she also helps with her husband's family business & her favorite hobby is building homes - Yes, BUILDING homes! The girl was on a roof when she was 7 months pregnant! Is she wacky? Maybe that's why we're such good friends!

This scrapbook is truly the most amazing gift anyone has ever given me! I need to take pictures of the pictures (make sense?) to show how amazing it is. And its not even the "scrapbook" that is so special - its the memories she has captured & put in such a beautiful form. There are pages of the twins when they were born, pictures of Ricky & the 3 girls, pictures of my doggies, my parents, pictures of friends, even a STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN PAGE!!!! - & so many pictures of Stephanie throughout! Jen did a page with the picture of me & Steph on our "Re-baptism" day - I sat & just bawled when I saw the way she captured that day. There is an envelope for me to write my memories down & seal up on that page - see, capturing the memories!

If you've ever made a hand made gift for someone, you know the work & the heart that is invested in that. I can only imagine the work that is in this album - & I am so thankful for the heart that Jen has put into it - I can't thank her enough!

The good news - I spoke with Jen this morning & she told me that now the album is done - whenever I have pictures that mean anything to me - just mail them to her & she can easily add a page to my album! Oh man - she doesnt even know what she's started! She knows how I LOVE to take pictures of everything! I already told her the first package of pictures will be on their way up when I get back from seeing Isaac! I'm going to keep capturing those memories!

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  1. I so admire someone with such a giving and spirit-filled heart for their friend. Rebecca, you have no idea how many lives you touch each and every day with that wonderful smile, laugh, and the most amazing zest for life. You make us all take a second look at our daily attitudes. Keep on being contagious, girlfriend!


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