Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Steven Curtis Chapman Day!

Today is a good day! First - 3 things most everyone knows about me.
1. I LOVE yarn (& knitting)

2. I LOVE Beauty & The Beast (& anything Princess)


I have been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for as long as I can remember! When Ricky first met me - he was like, WHO? But now, I've made Ricky listen to every CD the man has, & every concert that has come around with him in it - Ricky can probably tell you facts about SCC he didnt even know he knew!

I think this is like the 18th CD that SCC has put out - & yes, I have EVERY one of them! I just love this man for what he does! His music inspires me, & to learn about him, you can tell he is a man of God who loves his family & loves his Lord! I've watched his children all grow up, even seeing some of them in concert when they were so young - & now, his sons PLAY with him! And now, the fun thing is to see the 3 daughters he has adopted from China come to the concerts & talk to the crowds. You've got to love a guy from Paducah, Kentucky!

I can't even remember how many times I've seen him in concert! I have to say, the best one I think I can remember the best is a few years back when he played at the Louisville Palace! It sold out so quickly - he did 2 shows (one the next night!). That also sold out! We love our Kentucky boy! We were just a few rows back from the stage which made the whole experience even better. Nicole Norderman opened for him (she's probably my favorite female singer) - but the concert, WOW - he had the man who inspired the movie of "The End of the Spear". The story of a native tribe who killed missionaries that came to spread the word of God. Years later, a missionary that was killed, his son went back & actually became friends with this tribe! The son & the man from the tribe were at this concert together sharing their story! Talk about bone chilling, goose bump moments - it was one of those moments you just couldnt ever forget if you wanted to!

The last three times I saw SCC in concert, my friend Stephanie was with me - I tried to get her hooked on him too - she was a die hard Michael W. Smith fan though - we had fun arguments over that! If you remember the 80's and a fan of Christian music - you understand the argument, who's better - Steven or Michael? They're both great - but I still think Steven wins by a nose!

So today - at lunch - you will find me in line with SCC's new CD in hand - anxious to pop it in & learn all the words to these songs! I've already heard that the "Cinderella" song is wonderful for us Princess fans! CANT WAIT!

(these pictures are actually from one of the concerts we saw SCC in - & that's Steph's hand, Praising the Lord during it - just a simple picture with an impact!)




  2. I have been to see him twice...I guess you were probably there as well. One year he had a concert on my birthday...that was a good way to celebrate my birthday!!


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