Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Care to Share your WISDOM?

OK - you all know that my adorable, new mommy, friend Erica & I lead up a small group of youth girls.... we just started a new study on Colossians... so far, I know I'm totally enjoying it - any reason to get into the Bible & learn...

But, this study had us touching on the the topic of WISDOM... I asked the girls what was the first thing they thought of when they thought of wisdom - they pretty much all said immediately "Older people".... I dont know why, but I immediately thought of an owl... which made the girls think of the Tootsie Pop commercials... which led us to conversations on candy... Oh, we girls can get off track easily...

Anyways - we were talking about the verses of wisdom in Proverbs 4 - particularly the following:

"Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them.
Do not forsake wisdom for SHE will protect you; love her, & she will watch over you." -Proverbs 4:5-6

First - I love how Wisdom is a feminine word.. SHE!!! I love reminding Ricky of that...

Something really struck me that they all thought it had to do with older people... I asked them if people just got "wise" or if they thought that people FAILED & then LEARNED from their mistakes...

But what I'm asking of you & need your help on... I suggested to the girls that they ask some of the people in their lives -


Share with me so I can share with them. What is one (or two) things you have learned ... share your wisdom... after all, wisdom is something you should pass on - right?


  1. Here is something that I wish I had known at THEIR age...

    When someone OLDER tells me something I should discount it simply because they are "old and they couldn't possibly understand what I am going through".

    I know that times are different, but I have learned some wonderful pearls of wisdom from those who have walked before me... one thing that stand out the most happened while attending a church where the pastor left and I was told by an older member of the church that "a church isn't about following a MAN but about following God, and He hasn't left the building!" That thought process has served me well ever since!

  2. When someone OLDER tells me something I SHOULDN'T discount it simply because they are "old and they couldn't possibly understand what I am going through".

    Yeah... one little miss spelling changes everything and I sounded like a true teen!!!!!

  3. My grandpa always use to tell me, "If you watch your pennies your dollars will take care of themselves."

    That's still something that sticks with me and probably the wisest thing anyone has told me.

    Besides my parents saying, "if you don't stop making that face your face is going to freeze like that forever!" LOL :)

  4. Oh, I have learned plenty of wise things in my life! Probably one of the wisest things I've learned is to never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. What I'm mainly referring to is telling the people in your life that you love and appreciate them NOW because tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. I lost my mom, brother, and dad in a period of 6 short years and never, in a million years, did I think my life would have played out that way. I am so very grateful that I told them I loved them all the time, so they knew and, thank the Good Lord, I have no regrets. Just never take a single day or moment for granted!

  5. One phrase I learned in bible study years ago that has stayed with me and can be applied to marriage and parenting.... When they deserve to be loved the very least is when they need it the very most. Been a bad blogger lately. Hope you are doing well.

  6. 1. Always go to God first - for anything and everything. What would He want me to do? How would He want me to react? And so on...

    2. Friends are fallible and so am I. Learn to get over it and love anyway. Refer to #1.

    3. Stay away from credit cards. I'm still regretting getting into this trap. I did NOT refer to #1 on this.

    4. Don't "lend" money to family expecting it back. Give it knowing it's a gift - not a payback. Again - refer to #1

    5. You can learn from everyone and everything. Everyone has a story to be told even if it's not been published or filmed.

    6. Keep a learning attitude. You don't know it all. My great-grandma learned to use the computer at 85 and still learned new things at 98.

    That's more than a couple, I know. But there's a proverb to go with each one, I'm sure.

  7. Oh - and one more...Learn to give not expecting to get back.

  8. I guess I learned that you push in the sides of your tin foil box and it will not take off on you. Not that strange. Or that turtles bake in the sun to grow and dry out. Or fish do not have eye lids.

  9. I'd never noticed that wisdom was referred to as 'she'. Interesting (but not surprising). ;)

    Because I definitely don't have a way with words, I'll put it a few different ways and hopefully one of them will make sense or you can combine them into something that does.

    *First try - You won't find the guy of your dreams until you find yourself.

    *Put another way: the right man for you won't be able to discover you until you have become the woman he is searching for.

    *In other words - focus on becoming the woman God wants you to become and when the time is right, He will lead the right man into your life.

  10. Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a very wise person to learn from them. So, the more mistakes you make, the wiser you are! I'm a friggin' genius!!!

  11. What a fun bible study y'all are doing on wisdom. Mine aren't super interesting or clever, but here goes...never go to bed angry and there's no such thing as the Jones' so stop trying to keep up with them.

  12. 1. I soooo agree with what Christy and Tranquility said!

    2. Forgiveness is not a gift for the person who hurt you. It's a gift to yourself so you can move forward with your life rather than be drug down with anger and resentment.

    3. The things you love your spouse for in the beginning may be the very things that drive you insane later in your marriage. (I thought this was crazy when my aunt told me this. Oh how true it has become!)

    4. I learned it IS ok to go to bed angry. Sometimes more hurtful things can be said in the heat of the moment than if two people take a time out and revisit the subject a few hours later or the next day. My husband and I have often said, "I need a break. Can we discuss this again later so I can think about what you've said to me before responding?"

    Can't wait to hear what they think is the best advice.

  13. I didn't know wisdom was a feminine word but me likey that information!

    I think the wisest thing I have learned is to trust my instincts. My mom instincts have never failed me and have been invaluable in preventing some dire situations from occurring.

  14. If you think you are done growing (emotionally, spiritually, in your relationships), then you are probably not being honest with yourself.

    That's all I've got tonight :)

  15. There is some great advice on your comments! Here is something I have told myself over and over lately-

    Fear knocks at the door; faith answers and nobody's there.


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