Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making the most of every opportunity...

Our Pastor has been talking lately about how you dont have to stand on the street corner & yell about Jesus... or you dont have to say Jesus' name in every conversation when you talk to someone. If that's your calling - that's fine - but you dont HAVE to! Sometimes, you just have to SHOW the love of Jesus & then people will naturally want to know how you can love like that... or why you want to love like that....its a natural progression of sharing your faith.

Today, I was reading some scripture for the day in Colossians I came across this:

Live wisely among those who are not believers & make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious & attractive, so that you will have the right response for everyone -Colossians 4:5-6 (NLT)

I hope you feel a sense of burden or relief off your shoulders with those words - "Make the most of every opportunity'.... I know I felt it. I felt like I didnt have to carry a burden that I HAVE to save all the lost! I know I want the lost to be saved - but its not all on me. Its a collective job. And my job is to make the most of the opportunity I have.

For instance - my opportunity may be to just help someone in the store who cant reach something & then give them a smile & wish them a nice day... then maybe its the cashier's opportunity to show a tad of grace & so on & so on... & somewhere along that road, it will be someone's opportunity to introduce Christ to that person. And I think we will ALL have that opportunity to be the one who introduces someone to Christ... but no pressure to force it on everyone... make sense? Hope so!

And the last part of that verse really hit me too! We live in a world where we want to share OUR opinions, OUR thoughts - heck - that's why I have a blog! - but the words "Right response for everyone"... what does that mean? And all of a sudden - the word LOVE just came to me. How can LOVE not be a response to everyone? How can it ever be the wrong response? It cant be! And who is LOVE? Yep... God....

Look for your opportunity today to show the Love of God!!!


  1. I love this. I totally am on board with the idea of showing LOVE to everyone and having that be what draws them to Christ :-) thanks for sharing my friend!

  2. You're right, love is always the right answer! And thank you for sharing with me!

  3. So good! I pray every day that I would make a difference for Jesus in someone's life. Sometimes it happens in small ways...and sometimes in big ways!

  4. Love truly is the answer. It is a kind of pay it forward type of thing.

  5. such an awesome post! This is something I deal with a lot, and I have come to realize I need to just treat everyone as Jesus did and the rest of the conversations will come along :)

  6. Loved this Rebecca...and so so true! Wishing you a good one :)

  7. RJ,
    Love this verse, quote this verse and think about this verse. Make the MOST of every opportunity and that can look different considering the situation. Good word sis.

    Have a Blessed day,

  8. Fabulous post Rebecca! I try to do things that stand out to people, like compliment the cashier or smile at someone when they least expect it. But I usually don't do it unless I'm in the mood...and that's not making the most of every opportunity. Thanks for that reminder :)


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