Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project 365-35

Oh my... my photo file is bursting... but this week, I'm just picking a few pictures... mainly because its going to take me like a full week to edit down the pictures I took of the grandbabies... but until then, here's a glimpse...

Sunday - Skating Baby, Round 3 .... Isaac saw his skates when he got here & was so excited!  He knows his Pappy takes him skating... Ricky rented the rink just for family & friends & its always so fun just to get on the floor & know the kids are all safe with just people you know.  Isaac found a friend here in Emma - dont they look like twins with their blond hair & striped shirts?  Isaac skated for 3 hours straight & wouldnt come off the floor... its in the genes...

Monday - Starbucks for baby.... actually for Nanny.  Julie has a way of getting me to love Starbucks when she's around... me & Julie went out shopping for the day & I got my Java Chip Frappachino... Luke was getting fussy & is teething so I gave him my cup to chew on the straw... (& yes, I was watching him - I'm not a bad Nanny)... but a few days later, I had another one & he was in love with the whipped creme on top.  He was probably wondering where that was at in this cup... no fair...

Tuesday - Tornado Warnings..... Julie & the boys were going to go out to visit a friend but before they could leave, we had to wait for storms to pass.  Tornado warnings & Thunderstorms.... we had to pack up the kids & venture in the basement for awhile.  It passed us quickly & we were damage free (Thank you Lord) ... this is after the storm passed & it was sprinkling... Isaac wanted the window open so he could feel the rain on his hands...

Wednesday - Zoo Day .... (This is un-edited ... I'm telling you, I got some great pictures that I cant wait to fix up!) ... but Isaac & Pappy had a great time in the zoo.  Between seeing animals & chasing each other & just a perfect beautiful Fall day - it was a wonderful trip... that kicked our butts!  We literally weren't out of the parking lot before Isaac was snoring... isnt it nice to be a kid?

Thursday - New Wedding Band.... Yep, our 15th anniversary... I had just gone to get my 7th root canal (boo!) & came home & gave Ricky his present.  His wedding band has gotten beaten up over the years & plus, it was yellow gold.  We have both changed our taste on yellow gold & he wanted white... So I got him a new wedding band for the occassion.  It looks really nice on his hand... I told him now, I expect a FANTASTIC ring for our 20th! :)

Friday - Someone's jealous.... I know the picture of me is horrible - but I had to show you how jealous our doggies were over the week.  They werent getting all the attention that they normally do & Bruno was literally following me everywhere I went.  While I was holding Luke while he drifted off to sleep, Bruno climbed right up in my lap & fell asleep too... babies come with fur & without fur...

Saturday - Halloween party to cheer up Nanny & Pappy... Julie & the boys left Saturday afternoon & we were some bummed people... but our friends, Lynn & Mickey had their annual Halloween party.  Its always such fun... with yummy food & games & lots of laughter.  You cant really tell here, but my dad hooked me up with his chaps, his worn out cowboy boots, his vest... & inside on my pocket, I even had a "Sherriff" badge :)  I'll have more Halloween pictures to come as well - some great costumes!

Hope everyone has had a great week... I know it was fantastic for me...

And fair warning... this blog will probably be nothing but photo central over the next few days...

Happy Halloween & Happy NOVEMBER!!! (wow!!!!)


  1. Looks like you had a great week - the kiddos sure are cute. LOVE the new ring. I wanted a new wedding set too because I'm not really a yellow gold person anymore, so a few years ago Dr. M got me a gorgeous triple ring amethyst set. I've gained too much wait to wear it now - but I'm heading back down!

  2. What terrific pics RJ!! I LOVE the pic of you with g-babe and your fur-babe. And Ricky in that Halloween costume

    Looking forward to seeing all the pics.

    Have a Blessed day,

  3. Awww...I love the pictures!! I can't wait to see more!!

  4. I just smiled through all these pictures!!! You can see the joy!!!

    so funny about your dogs!!!

  5. Seems like you had a wonderful week with your grand babies!! I also LOVE your costume!!

    I tagged you on my blog!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  6. I honestly can't decide which picture I like the best they're all so great! What photo editing program do you use?

  7. LOVE the pictures and you know I love that Lady and the Tramp Card, ha!!!! :)

  8. what a nice anniversary you had.. You and your grand babies has a wonderful time looks like. It is sad when they leave. Love the Halloween costumes.. Have a great day..

  9. Hey friend! I've missed you and your blog! I love the new look!

    Blogger is now longer blocked here, I am so happy!

    We had bad storms last week too, so glad there was no damage.

    I love that photo of Ricky and Isaac! And the one of you holding the baby is precious!

  10. Oh and I forgot to say Happy {belated} Anniversary and I love your costumes :) Dressing up is so fun!

  11. Super fun week and you did not disappoint with lots of kid pics!!

  12. great all of those grandbaby pics and wow to the roller skating one...that is awesome! fun halloween costume too! Hope they visit again soon!


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