Thursday, May 12, 2011


I've never really had horrible allergies. 

I know I'm allergic to grass.  If I touch it, it's not but a few minutes that I itch & my skin turns red.  I HATE GRASS... but as for the other stuff I may be allergic to, I have no idea.  Never been tested - never really had a need.

But I think my allergies are getting worse the older I get... is that possible?

So a question for all you that do suffer from allergies... can they make your eyes hurt... feel like they are on FIRE!!!!... make them feel heavy & achy & just plain funky?  "Funky" is a medical term, isnt it?

I feel like when they hurt, I can press on the inside of my nose next to my eyes & it relieves the pain... or if I put dry eye drops in, it helps ease it.  So many weird things...

Help me out allergy people... I heard this morning too on the news that the pollen is the highest its been in such a long time in this area.

I will add that this past week, I've felt like someone has punched me in the face so I know my sinuses have been acting weird....

I also used the Neti Pot lately to clear our my sinuses ... only to feel the liquid literally go to the back of my head.  BACK OF MY HEAD!!!  That was a crazy sensation!  I ended up standing up & then could feel it running back down & it went down my throat... how gross is that? 

The Neti Pot freaks me out making me aware of how messed up my sinuses & ears really are...

Gotta run & put more drops in my eyes before I rub them out of their sockets....

Do you suffer with allergies?  Do they bother your eyes?  What's some home remedies for relief? 


  1. I hope that you feel better soon. I can't offer you any allergy advice. Sorry. Hopefully one of your readers will come through for you.

  2. I'm lucky that I don't suffer. I hate that you do. So does my boss and my niece, they are always in bad shape it seems :(

    I have a neti pot and I agree it is a strange experience! lol

  3. Chicky has suffered from allergies almost her entire life. I've had her tested twice. I found these sessions with the allergist eye-opening. We learned a lot about encasing pillows and mattresses in mite-free covers, using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air (thus reducing the dust mite count since they need moisture to grow), and other stuff. She's also been prescribed a cocktail...a combination of two medicines...that she takes when the allergies get unbearable. Visit a doctor and find out EXACTLY what you're allergic to. Use that doctor's knowledge to your advantage!!

  4. In the last two years, my non-allergic husband has started to develop allergies. He is still in denial that it is allergies that he has...but it SO is allergies.

    I hope you are able to find some relief for yours.

    Netti pots freak me out!!

  5. I do suffer from what I call "seasonal allergies" in the fall and early summer. Like now, I'm perfectly fine during the day, but my nose plugs up at night and I can't breathe to save my soul. I wake up every morning with a cotton mouth...and I've used saline nasal sprays and prescription nasal sprays, but nothing seems to help! I've never had problems with my eyes really, other than they get a little itchy from time to time. Sure hope you get some relief SOON!

  6. I never had allergies as a kid, but do think I get some kind of spring pollen allergies now. But my poor kid, yeah, he's got them. Allergic to grass and trees. He doesn't really complain about his eyes though. His allergies cause eczema outbreaks.


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