Monday, May 23, 2011

I just felt sorry for him...

So obviously, we all lived through the big "rapture" event...

As a Christian, we knew it wasnt going to happen because the Bible talks how not even the angels know the time of Jesus' returning.

I was watching on Good Morning America Sunday morning though where Robert Fitzpatrick was standing in Time Square in New York City.  The look on his face truly showed he believed this was going to happen.  I mean, it was obvious enough he believed it in order for him to spend so much money on spreading what he believed was true. 

In the video though, all eyes were on this man....he was surrounded by swarms of people, hundreds of tv crews... & then time passed & you hear a woman say, "Its 6:01 & we're all still here" ....

The crowd just started roaring with laughing & then began to heckle him.

... & I cant help it...I just felt so sorry for this man...
It broke my heart.  The look on his face was honestly a look of sadness that what he planned on happening, didn't happen.  What he really thought was true, was obviously not the truth at all.

Obviously, I believe the man has issues.  I dont know if they are mental?... I dont know if he's "too smart"?- you know the kind that have so much "knowledge" that its dangerous?  I dont know how to say it except, I just believe he's not totally grasping things.

I just wish this scene was different... that there were some Christians there in the crowd who showed some grace.  Someone to let him know that we ALL believe things are we truly believe are real...even as Christians... we believe someone's sin is worse then ours.  We believe God can't forgive someone, or ourselves, for things done.  We believe all kinds of things that arent necessarily true.  Even if the Bible states otherwise...

... & then maybe those Christians could have shown him other scriptures, taught him things that could open his mind about his calculation of the world ending... maybe asked him why God would want us to "de-code" the Bible when everything is kinda laid out perfectly clear for us... forgiveness, love, patience....

Maybe some Christians in that crowd could have shown love & grace to others who were standing there mocking a man...been an example to everyone...

I dont know... the whole scene was far more unsettling to me then the idea of Jesus returning.

In the end, I do feel bad for this man & hope someone helps show him the way & the truth & the life...


  1. I hope things work out for him..
    Yes, the baby calves have such pretty eyes..

  2. This was a great post. If you have a heart at all, you can't help but feel sorry for all those who truly believed this would happen...and then it didn't. What do they do now? How do they believe anything at all? I am with you...I hope God will send someone along side them to show them the truth and what really matters...that we should ALL be ready every single moment.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with you here. Great post. xoxox

  4. This is a great post Rebecca. We need to pray for him and that he finds his way....
    You are a treasure!

  5. You are right. It sad to see people so misguided, although I do have to wonder, why didn't they believe the part of the Bible that clearly says we are NOT to know when the end is coming?

  6. One Christian man makes a failed prediction and Time Square laughs? I'm still waiting for those same people to laugh about Global Warming? I love your point - we all sin and make mistakes. I am glad my God doesn't laugh at me.

    I did a post early in the week not knowing about the end time predition - I just didn't pay attention. It was from a conversation about end times with my teen.

  7. Nobody could have said it better. I feel sorry for him too. :(

  8. Kind of makes you think of another man who was heckled, doesn't it?

  9. I totally feel you on this one. Like you, I, too, feel like this man genuinely thought the rapture was coming. You know that amid all of the people laughing and cackling at them that at least ONE was a Christian. Why didn't that person step up, show some compassion, and encourage others to back off? I'd like to think I would have. But it takes guts to stand up to a crowd. I think this man does have serious troubles, but I can fault him for believing with all his heart.

  10. But were there really "true" Christians in the crowd? My guess is that there were a lot of folks there that simply call themselves that. I know a ton of them! m.

  11. I do believe that we are in the last days. So much of the Bible is falling into place. I do feel sorry for him...hoping that he finds the TRUTH too.

  12. Yeah for not eating pigs.. I love lambs also..

  13. Is your papaw doing better? sorry that I missed that post :-(


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