Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I think I may watch too many movies? Or may be a tad dramatic?

This past Sunday, I'm enjoying a great night of watching NeNe & Starr Jones go after each other...

(Anyone watching the craziness that is Celebrity Apprentice this year? .... its been wacko all the way...)

Then at the bottom of the screen, they say that the President will be coming on with an important message at 10:30.

Ricky comes running in asking if I saw that the President was about to announce something...

We turn the TV over to Fox News, CNN... all the news stations... & they're all saying, "We have no idea, but this must be important for the President to come on this late, on a Sunday evening..."

Ricky looks at me... 'What do you think it is?"

... with everything inside of me, I looked at him & said, "We're going to be hit by a meteor & we're all going to die"

"WHAT?" was Ricky's reaction...

I immediately came up with reasons this could happen... why else would the President come on this late?  On a Sunday?  When most people on the East Coast was getting ready to fall asleep?  It couldnt be good news...we were all going to die.

Well, let me tell you... my art of convincing people must be strong because next thing I know, Ricky is freaking out thinking we're all going to die too...

...but then we heard the word it was about Bin Laden...

WHEW!!!  That was a close call....

We're going to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... no meteor on the path to destroy us all!!!

Then Ricky yelled at me for scaring him to death...

I told him to blame Morgan Freeman.....& all those movies like "Deep Impact" & "Armageddon"

I was waiting for Bruce Willis to be in on this press conference ready to take up in space to blow up the  meteor..

So I guess the question is...Think I watch too many movies?

...And you wonder why I actually sing & dance in life on a daily basis?  Because Disney movies are my favorite

... which is much better then movies that show the world ending....


  1. You forgot "24"! How could you forget that?
    I heard a comedian once say that, in movies, the world only ends if there is a Black or woman President. I've been holding my breath ever since 2008.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. No such thing girl! You can NEVER watch too many movies!

    Drama is good right?

  3. OMG! I was laughing so hard I was crying! I tried to read it to CH while laughing/crying...all he did was shake his head!
    BTW: I'm LOVING that NeNe isn't intimidated by Starr & LaToya!

  4. I love the Disney movies also..

  5. Ok, so my hubby thought that we were going to war with Syria. Can you say WWIII!!!

    Isn't it funny how when something like that happens we immediately go into "what could it be mode"? We crack me up =)

    Hope you are having a good week friend ~~ love you, Dawn

  6. I wasn't even awake!! I shut off the computer after dinner, went to bed around 9:15 p.m. to read and turned off the reading lamp at about 9:45 p.m.. No idea what-so-ever. DIdn't find out until I got to work!


    If I was awake? You bet I would have thought the worst. And no. It has nothing to do with movies. Or TV. Or facebook. Or blogs.

    I don't think, anyway. ;)

  7. LOL!! You made me laugh so hard! I love it. And no, you cannot watch too many movies....:)


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