Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not the same one...

I've seen this t-shirt & have really appreciated it...

I really noticed this at the 5k I was in this past weekend.  Looking at everyone's faces at the starting line.  There's so much excitement at the beginning of a race.

You stand there stretching, getting those muscles ready for the miles that lay ahead.  You're full of pep & energy.  People even jump in place to warm  up the body.  So much energy that cant be contained.

Everyone looks so refreshed... there's no sweat dripping from the brows... our shirts dont have those stains of sweat running down the back.  We're just standing there ready & prepared...

Then the buzzer sounds & you're off...

It doesnt take long before the sweat comes... & the aches come... & the feeling of weariness comes.

You run with some people who are encouraging you... you run with some people who are struggling & you try to help them along.  You're in this race together & you want everyone to finish....

You keep pressing on through everything....Then ahead, you see it - the goal... & you cross the finish line

If you could take a picture of the person you are at the beginning of the race & compare it to the person at the end, you'd see two different faces.

The starting line picture one would hold that excitement - that clean, unblemished look....

The finish line picture would have all the battle scars... the sweat, the smile that you can see you're giving while trying to get your breath back...

... but there'd be pride...

We have this same race in our life... we start off with that childlike, excited expectation ... & the race of life throws things in our path that makes us weary... that gives us aches & pains... things that wear us out. 

And as Christians, we run this race of life & want to see everyone finish at the same finish line, dont we?

When we cross that final finish line, I do pray I'm not the same person I started out as.  I want to be stronger, despite the battle scars & the pains that come along with it...

Whatever road you are on right now... whatever race you are in... keep your eye out for that finish line.  You may cross it beaten & bruised... but you'll be accomplished...you'll be someone stronger...

you'll be someone different...

Keep pressing on friends...

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,
 I have kept the faith
-2 Timothy 4:7


  1. Beautifully written.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. That is totally true... on both accounts! Spiritually and physically!

  3. You really know how to speak directly to my heart...this was a HOME RUN!

  4. Wonderful post, Rebecca. I have always loved this verse!

  5. Beautiful, my friend! I can totally relate to this given my first year of teaching, and I know that once I'm done with my certification classes, I won't be the same as when I started. Thanks for these words!

  6. "I want to be stronger, despite the battle scars & the pains that come along with it..."

    ME TOO! :) Great post as always my friend! Now I've got Mandisa's "Stronger" in my head...lol

  7. great post for sure.. I do love that you run and get so much out of it.. I am so proud of you.. I should shine a light on my belly and see what happens..

  8. Oh sweet friend. I have missed your blog and inspiration so much over the past few weeks. Thank you for this post. I needed it so badly!

  9. Since I just opted to follow you, a bunch of your posts showed up in my reader. I have stolen the Tshirt saying for my blog (as a reminded to push on), and I love the 2 Timothy verse. Do you know which translation it is? (Or should I stop being lazy and look it up?)


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