Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday before a long Holiday weekend... I always feel like a kid in school when I know I get an extra day off work.  Counting down until that "bell" rings for freedom for 3 days... until then, let's frag...

Papaw Update:  He is now in Hospice.  They have made him so comfortable.  He doesnt have the feeding tube in now, no iv's - he just looks peaceful.  Because he's not hooked up to anything, he's able to lay on his side.  His color looks good & he just looks like himself... The people that work at Hospice are just an amazing set of people.  They said he probably wouldnt last a week & that was a few days ago.  Needless to say, everytime the phone rings now, I just hold my breath.... We had 3 different doctors tell us that his brain is so severely damaged that he would never come back... so sad that a fall can cause that much damage.  The things you dont really think about...

Isaac got his first haircut!!!!!  How cute is that face?  Doesnt the hair cut make him look big too? 

Julie said he did well - after a bribe to get a new Ironman toy... (hey, whatever works)  But he's 3 1/2 & he's never had a hair cut so it was time.  Julie was heart broken at cutting his curls off... Here's what they looked like before.  I think he's going to have a lifetime of beautiful, blond curls that will grow right back.

So while I'm glad we're off for a long weekend, I am kinda dreading being at home... because YES - our A/C is STILL BROKE!!! & it's going to be in the 90's this weekend.  I will say, so far, we've been really lucky.  It hasnt been horrible in the house.  At night, its actually felt wonderful having fresh air (though my swollen eyes & chest cough arent too happy with pollen flying in)... I may have to make extra trips to the movie theater where the AC is rockin'....


Which makes me think - anyone seen "Bridemaids" yet?  I keep hearing its pretty funny... What are the odds I could get Ricky to go see that?  Yeah - about as good odds as getting our AC fixed...

Everyone surviving without Oprah so far?  I will say, I did like her last words were "To God be the glory" ... And then Scotty on American Idol gave it up to "the Lord for getting me here" .... Love when people can give God some props nationwide...

HINES WARD.... (I'm smiling) .... I was so happy he won DTWS!  I was scared Kristie was going to win.  I woulda been OK with it, but Hines totally deserved to win.  Football players just have the moves, dont they?  ... now onto So you Think You can Dance!!!

(I ALMOST wore that same yellow outfit today to work...)

Sorry - I cant make myself watch this season of "The Bachlorette"... I never cared for Ashley when she was on The Bachlor last season.  The color of her hair doesnt change that personaltiy to me.  I keep seeing previews where it looks like its all kinda turned into a joke now anyways.  Who can get on & go far while deceiving the person that they are a good guy, when behind the scenes, they are laughing in their face.... geez... but I guess what do you expect from "reality tv" on finding love?  We live in a world where the "bad guy" gets all the attention...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Lightbulbs!!!! .... OK - is it me, or is something wrong when you have to change a lightbulb in one room at least every 3 weeks?  I get so mad because the light bulb in my laundry room will pop ALL THE TIME!  No joke... it literally is at least once a month I am changing it.  I have finally learned to just keep the cover off & a step ladder in the room because I kow it's going to pop any minute.  So I ask Ricky to check it out... only to be told, "That's perfectly normal"... NORMAL?  We have been in this house for over 10 years & I guarantee you there are some light bulbs I have never changed YET... but this is normal?  I've now got a strategy of not doing laundry until he changes it... so he can see how often it does actually pop.  Get me out of doing laundry?  Keep poppin' bulbs!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend... if it's a long one for you, enjoy it!  Stay cool - stay safe from any more storms... Happy Friday!!!


  1. Bridesmaids was the BEST movie EVER!!!!!! The whole theater was packed and don't think we stopped laughing throughout the whole movie. And the group "Wilson Phillips" makes a cameo. Enough said!!!!! :) Awesome movie!!!

  2. About the lightbulbs....I just read on a "fix-it-DIY" site that if you tighten the bulbs too tightly, the brass connector in the socket can't expand or contract as needed and it blows the bulb. In short, don't tighten it too hard. See if that works. If not, well, why are you listening to me? : ) ha!

  3. I have a boy in my fourth grade class who still has hair like that.

    I'm doing just fine without Oprah, but I did just fine without her when I could have been with her.

    Continuing to pray for your family. I like to think Jesus is beckoning him home...don't fear the phone call, you may just feel real peace and relief.

  4. Praying for your Papaw and your family! I can't imagine losing my grandfather and your words brought tears to my eyes. As hard as it is, you know this is not a final goodbye...just a see you in Heaven Papaw!

    I haven't seen Bridesmaids but I heard it was GREAT. My sister & brother in law went to it and loved it.

    I'm with you...a lightbulb shouldn't blow every 3 weeks! You might have an overloaded breaker in that room or something...of course, I know nothing about electricity! HA!!

    And Isaac's hair is too cute! Your grands are so precious RJ! Hope you & Ricky have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  5. So sorry that your pawpaw is in hospice. Praying for peace for your family.

    My lightbulb in my oven hood blows ALL THE time and it's so annoying. We've tried all different bulbs but nothing helps. SO frustrating.

    We got Xander's hair cut when he was two and none of his beautiful curls came back! Wah! :*(

  6. Geez, that was fragmented!
    Hospice people are good people. I remember sitting with my grandmother during her finals days I had to place a call at 2a.m. They were great!
    Yes, I miss Oprah. I don't hold hold out much hope for OWN.
    Have a good weekend!

  7. Praying for your papaw to be at peace.
    Those curls are beautiful! But, what a little man he looks like now!
    Oprah...shmoprah. I was over her about 5 years ago!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. Sounds like your papaw is more comfortable now in Hospice at least. I know what you mean about that phone ringing.

    Oprah had a long successful run on her show--I would think she'd feel relieved to be done with it after all this time.

    I'm not watching The Bachelor either--it's just a waste of time.

    Stopping by from FF.

  9. I don't know about the movie, but SO happy Hines and Scotty won their respective titles!!! Been a good results week =)

    Light bulbs drive me crazy, and the new ones? Drive me even crazier. Their suppose to last 5 years?!!..... Whatever....... Mind are liucky to last a few months in this house. Crazy lightbulbs. I'm spatting with myself on that one. Seriously......drives me silly.....

    Yep SYTYCD ~~ YAY ~~

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed and wonderful lonnnngggg weekend =)


  10. Can't stand those new lightbulbs. They pop quicker than anything. I hopd that your pawpaw has a peaceful time.

    Hugs & love,


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