Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 20

Sunday - May 8 - Happy Mother's Day... if you didnt check out all the pictures from my Mother's Day post, then you dont know the cuteness you are missing out on.  But this is my favorite picture of my momma on that day... & yes, for those of you that said she has beautiful skin - she TOTALLY has gorgeous skin!  How did I not inherit that?  Not fair.

Monday - May 9 - Lunch under a tree .... It was a beautiful afternoon so I got out of the office & picked up some lunch.  I ended up eating under this tree & just kept seeing how beautiful all the limbs were.  Against a pretty sky - God's creation is just so gorgeous..

Tuesday - May 10 - Its HOT in this hizzle.... yep - that was the temperature in my house when I got home from work.  WHEWWWW-WEEEEE!  We're still waiting to get a new unit installed.  Until then, sweating is good for the skin, right?  I actually even went running that day & coming into the house was NO relief.  I just had to sit in front of a fan for about 15 minutes to cool down. 

Wednesday - May 11 - Me on CD... weird! .... I gave the lesson to the youth on Doubt.  I didnt know that I was being recorded, but at the end of the night, I was asked if I wanted it on CD.  I was afraid to hear myself.  I sound so twang-y to myself... but its who I am, so what can you do.  It was nice though because I could let Ricky listen... do you know after me giving Ump-teenth number of lessons/messages/ sermons - whatever you want to call it - Ricky has NEVER heard me?!?!?  He says he hears me talk enough :)  But now, he can take my voice along with him in his car to listen even MORE.... see?  God is so good! :) haha!!

Thursday - May 12 - Ricky has a new love... & its redhead too! .... He got himself a new truck.  A dream of his.  And this bad-momma-jommba is beautiful.  It's his new toy which is well deserved.  He works hard for his money so I was happy for him to get something he's been wanting for awhile. 

Friday - May 13 - Goat's Milk on my face?!?!?! .... A friend had posted on her blog about this awesome family that sells Goat Milk Soap & apparently they arent too far from me.  I went on their website & found their soaps & decided to give an order.  WOW - I had the order in my mailbox the NEXT DAY!!!  And my bars of soap smelled like heaven.  I got some Milk & Honey & Oatmeal for my body & a Tree Tea for my face... & I'm in LOVE!!!  Be sure to stop by & check them out right HERE .. Goat Milk Stuff...

Saturday - May 14 - Throo the Zoo ... yep, you've heard me talk about it on Saturday.  Another 5k ... Yes Dawn, my load of running t-shirts is taking over.  I need to really learn how to quilt so I can turn these all into a beautiful blanket of some kind...

Hope you've all had a great week.  Stop by Sara's blog & check out everyone else's weeks...

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  1. Great week. I wish I could run...but my knees just keep saying NO! Love that red pretty and shiny! That picture of your mom is is frameable...her expression is it

  2. great truck...
    peaches and cream skin for sure

    eager to check out the other oatmeal products ;)

  3. Gorgeous momma.

    Lovely tree. I love the variety of flowers and trees and beauty that God created, simply to show His majesty and for us to enjoy!

    And now I am off to try that Goat's milk soap!

  4. beautiful pictures. the goats milk stuff intrigues me. I'll definitely check it out.

  5. Now, that is one HOT's my favorite color! Chris would probably cringe to have to sit and listen to a CD of me talking...but I think it would be SO worth it! Hee hee! Your mom does have the prettiest skin...and you do, too!

  6. what nice pictures.. Love the new truck it is so pretty...
    That soap sounds pretty interesting.. Running again.. Yeah.. You go.. Have a great Monday..

  7. Mike is always keeping us supplied with goat's milk soap - he buys it from a farm that rescues animals. The proceeds help keep the farm running.

    I love the quilt idea - not that I can help you out there since I don't quilt either :)

    Ricky's truck is just gorgeous - the perfect setting for him to listen to you in. Ha!

  8. OH my stars ~~ That truck is GORGEOUS!!! I mean REALLY GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Oh I need to try the goat milk soap.

    I love ya girl ~~ Dawn

  9. Good for you getting your run on! I am jealous...but I just hate running. Wowzwers on the temp. If you lived here you still would not need the air. When is spring going to arrive.

  10. I've seen goat's milk products in Cracker Barrel. Man, your mom has beautiful skin!


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