Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 22

Sunday - May 22 - Time out for Lunch .... With all the going back & forth to the hospital, Ricky & I felt like we havent had a good dinner in awhile so after church, before we headed up to see Paps, we stopped at Chuey's & had some yummy mexican.  I looked over & saw these colorful chairs all in the same direction, I had to pull out my camera.  Ricky just looks at me like "What are you doing?" ... doesnt he know me by now?  Any moment can be a camera moment!

Monday - May 23 - I felt like Dorothy!!! .... I was at the hospital when my mom called & said, "GET HOME - storms are coming"... well, I was knitting & said I had to finish my row.  Just that time was enough to put me right into the wrong time to be driving.... driving right in the middle of this horrible storm.  These clouds were CRAZY looking.  I was looking to see if the wicked witch was going to fly by any minute...

Tuesday - May 24 - What's missing? .... I was able to get a run in today & took off running, came home & then realized something... I forgot a part of my running gear... KT Tape on my knee.  And I didnt even realize it while running!  My knees have been doing great lately.  Havent had the need for it!  Thank you Lord!  Keep these knees getting stronger!

Wednesday - May 25 - The calm before the storm .... Driving home, the sun was shining... which wasnt a good thing.  The sun was gearing up more horrible storms to come.  They were giving us warnings & scarying the be-jeez out of us around here.  And it did get pretty scary late at night around 11:00... but it sure was beautiful beforehand.

Thursday - May 26 - World War II Veteran... Here is Papaw's hat that is sitting in the window sill at Hospice.  World War II ... wow... the stories he can tell - the things he saw in the war...
blows my mind

Friday - May 27 - Knitting brings comfort in the worse places .... I have taken my knitting with me when I sit for awhile with Papaw.  It just brings me sense of peace while I sit & talk with him.  And I tell you what - it brings people in & makes them ask questions.  "What are you making" - "Is that kntting" - "How do you do that? I could never do that" ... knitting makes the place more comfortable for everyone it seems.

Saturday - May 28 - What an amazing woman ... Papaw was getting his bath & I went out to sit in the lobby at the Hospice Unit.  There is a book where people have written thanks to the nurses for taking care of their family - & prayers to God for a peaceful passing of their family member... this book is a tear jerker!  But this page, I had to capture a picture because this woman, Vicki - I want to remember this courage she showed.  It was the only page in this book where the writer was the PATIENT.  I hope you can read it - but she writes how she is ready for what is ahead of her & she prays for her children in their loss that was to come.  Yes - this woman must have been one special, amazing mom.

(If your computer cuts it off - you can change your setting to 75% - or just click on the picture to make it large... its worth reading)

Its been another crazy, sad, busy week... hope your weeks have been full of moments to capture...


  1. Boy, your pictures run the gamut of emotion today! Love the picture of your grandfather's hat, and it's so fitting given this Memorial Day weekend.

    The note in the book...heartbreaking and so inspiring.

    Hugs to you. You're in my prayers.

  2. love the chuys picture-the colors are great!
    and the one of the blanket you're knitting with the hospital bed behind it is very powerful. the blanket looks great, too!
    thanks for sharing the note Vicki wrote. it makes me so grateful for what I have.
    have a great week!

  3. RJ,
    I have been thinking of you so often. I know you are in a difficult season friend.

    First off let me say, I love that bracelet, the blue one in the sun picture. Oh my.....need to know where I can get me one of those =)

    I also love ALL your knitted goodies and with that I have a question about a gift I recently received, but I'll send you an e-mail.

    What a precious gift this note is. I hope someone showed her dear family. What an amazing woman Vicki C is!!!

    Thank you for sharing such amazing things through the lens of your camera. And yes even beautifully colored, wonderfully aligned chairs =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed Sunday,

  4. Your first picture is so bright and colorful and brought a smile to my face....your last picture is bright in emotion and also brought a smile to my face...thanks!

  5. First photo is SOOOOO cool! Seriously, I'd love something like that framed to hang on the wall :)

    Crazy scary clouds! I'd have found a ditch to stop by and crawl into.

    Great news about your knee! With arthritis in both knees, I don't run but I do enjoy walking -- but with rain, rain and more rain, we've only gotten out once in the three weeks we've been here :(

    That's a gorgeous afghan (I think that's what it is) you're making.

  6. Love your stool picture. That looks like one that should be enlarged and framed.

    I also knit but much smaller projects than you have going on.

  7. what a great post...
    love your shots, especially the first.
    I miss my daddy telling stories...wish i had heard more.
    Prayers for your papaw
    the last pic took my breath
    so sweetly written

  8. Those chairs are great - I would have taken a picture too :)

    That was a tearjerker in that book - I wonder how her kids are doing now.

    Thanks for helping us keep it all in perspective!

  9. That picture of the storm is frightening. Glad you guys are okay.

    Love the photo of the colorful chairs!

  10. Great pics this week!
    That storm was crazy! We ended up going to Angie's house that night.
    That letter is beautiful. Sounds like she was an amazing women!!

  11. What a week. I love the diner picture.. I hope your Dad is doing much better.. I am also happy to see your knees are doing better. Have a great Sunday..

  12. Those chairs are really neat; was there a reason they were all the same way?
    Yeah for stronger knees! I played tennis 1 1/2 months ago and it took 4 weeks for the swelling in 1 to go down. :(
    Prayers for your papaw. I agree with you: Vicki C. must have been an amazing mom.

  13. I always enjoy seeing what you capture with your camera! That journal entry really got to me. Can you imagine all the emotions Vicky must have felt as she wrote that entry? Still keeping you and your Papaw close in my prayers, sweet friend.

  14. I want to be a mom like that, to speak words of prayer and faith like that over my children! Her faith is BEAUTIFUL!

    I was knitting a lot this week, too. My aunt in Louisville had emergency heart surgery. I spent the night with her when those 11 p.m. storms came. Knitting soothes!

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Praying for your Papaw!

  15. What a week...whew. I have been reading and seeing all about those scary storms all over blogland today. That page made me fear is not when I leave this world, but for my children when I am gone (I cannot imagine); that writer was a strong woman that's for sure. My papa was a WW2 vet as well and my dad too (veitnam). ((hugs)) to you.

  16. Love, love, love those chairs!

    Your comment about needing to get to the end of a row made me laugh...from a fellow knitter I have said the very same thing many times.

    I think there are many of out there who are waiting for all this nasty weather to pass...

    You are so right about the opens the door to conversation.

    Prayers for you and your as you spend time with your loved on in hospice.



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