Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 21

First, let me thank you so much for the kind words, the prayers & all the thoughts about my Papaw.  It is so appreciated... nothing much has changed as of today.  I'll be sure to give some updates.  But here is what the rest of my week looked like.

Sunday - May 15 - The UGLY side of running ... I ran on the treadmill & as you all know, we have no air conditioning right now.  I dont normally sweat too much from my face... HOLY SWEAT BATMAN!  I was dripping.  Can you see it on my forehead & in my hair?  My shirt was even ringing wet.  Running may be good for your health, but it can make you GLOWWWWWW... its a healthy glow - right?

Monday - May 16 - Zumba BURNS!!! ... I took the Zumba class our church offers.  Tonight was the toning video for the Zumba class & WOOZAAA!!!  It was a workout.  Yes, according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 618 calories in a one hour class.  I've never burned that much at another aerobic workout before.  I was quite impressed... (& sore)...

Tuesday - May 17 - Love new recipes .... Thanks to E-Mealz I got to try a new Mac & Cheese Bake.  I used real brocoli & a "artificial bacon" (I dont eat red meat and pork & try to limit chicken)... so with all this, Ricky wasnt going for this one at all... it was all for me, & I'm SOOOO glad it was.  Yumminess!

Wednesday - May 18 - My poor Papaw... If you havent heard of the story, you can read it right HERE

Thursday - May 19 - Bloggy Friends are the BEST!!! .... I came home from the hospital & saw a box on the counter.  Wasnt sure what I ordered but then saw it was from my buddy, Carolina Girl ... I opened it to see a hand written card (which is always the best!!!) & this awesome running tech shirt!!!  Isnt it the cutest?!?!  I guess next 13.1 miles I run, I hafta smile now? :)  Thank you friend... you sent me a hug when I needed it the most!

Friday - May 20 - So many hurting... we got some bad news at the hospital today.  And then I look out the window & see this sign in another window.  It says, "Pray for Megan - Cure CF" ... it makes you look at ALL those windows & think that there is someone hurting in most of them... life is hard...

Saturday - May 21 - After the Storm.... I took this picture leaving the hospital in the parking garage.  There had just been a big storm & the sun was coming back out when the grey clouds were fading... Love to see the sun rise after a storm in every way possible...

Hope your week has been full of moments to capture...


  1. Let's see, where to begin...

    Thank you for the update on your grandfather.
    I love the face in the top picture!
    I want the mac and cheese.
    Blog friends are the best. I've been "picked-up" by gifts from them a few times, always a surprise!
    What you said about knowing there was a story in each room? I find myself praying about such things, and I did when I prayed for you the other night--so many people out there facing the tough many hearts many people who God is there for, but they're just not seeing him RIGHT THERE in their time of need.

    Blessings to you dear new blog friend.

  2. wow,the picture of the hospital window was very sobering. so many hurting...everywhere. still praying for your family!

  3. I have been doing that 30 day shred workout this week...and that sweaty picture feels very familiar to me!

    Praying for your family. <3

  4. Hugs coming your way. Love those shots and how your heart is so tender for all.

    You captured your weekend and life around you so well!

  5. No A/C??? I think I'd probably curl up and kiss the day away! I'm one to have to have cool air blowing on my bod! Menopause is looming ever near, you know? That's so sweet what your bloggy friend did for you...just when you needed it most! Praying for you sweet friend!

  6. Loved the weeks recap. Loved your face picture the made me smile congrats on the calories during Zumba.

  7. That mac & cheese does look fabulous - yum!

    So sorry about your papaw. It really is hard to make the decision to let someone go. I wish you all peace.

  8. That mac and cheese looks amazingly delicious. But you know how I love my cheese.


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