Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting teaching us about Doubt?

The past two weeks, we've been talking about "doubt" with the youth group.  Big topic, huh?  I mean, we doubt so much in our lives... we doubt ourselves in situations, we doubt what others say are true... we doubt God's promises. 

Sunday, I talked to the Jr. High kids about how we have to let our knowledge & experiences help us in times of doubt.  What does that even mean?

I showed them a skein of yarn & said, "If someone showed you this skein of yarn & said, you can make actual clothes out of it - turn it into something wearable - socks even, would you believe them, or would you have doubt?" ... oh yeah - they all doubted they could do that.

But I showed them that someone taught me how to do it (Thank you Julie)... someone took me through steps & gave me KNOWLEDGE of how knitting works.  I learned to knit because of this knowledge...couldnt have done it any other way.

but it doesnt mean after I learned the knowledge, that I could instantly go out & knit up some beautiful pieces... that took EXPERIENCE.

The time I invested in the projects - the things I learned along the way when I put the action to work.  When I saw how things actually went together & I got the real feel of it. 

I then pulled out a pair of knitted socks that came from that skein of  yarn... to a bunch of "ooohing & aaahing" (its why I love Jr. High kids... they're so vocal & cool about things)

Now, I dont doubt I can take a skein of yarn & turn it into something... knowledge & experience worked together to help with that doubt.

Our doubt about God works like that... when we have doubts, its ok we have them, but we need to search for the truth in our doubts... find the KNOWLEDGE by learning about who He is, finding the truth in the Word... & then we have EXPERIENCES in them as we learn about how God works - we see the truth come to llife in our own lives.

... & I wanted to make sure the kids know, not all of our doubts are going to be answered this side of Heaven... but you look at the things you know & the things you experience & you see the truth in those situations & it helps carry you along.

Like my Papaw right now.  We have no knowledge and/or experience in this situation - when to let him go - when to know its time to "give up" on recovery.... its moments like these that can easily cause doubt in how God works & His plan.  But I look at the things I DO know... & the experiences I HAVE had in my life & I see God at work & so near at other times... & that rolls over in the doubt I have in this situation.  It may not answer my questions of doubts in this situation, but it gives me peace about who God is in it...

Doubt... a heavy topic... but anytime I can find a reason to break out my knitting to show who God is, I'll try & find a way.

"Doubt isnt the opposite of faith.... its an element of faith"


  1. This touched me. I'm going to share it with my knitting "sensei."


  2. What a great way to demonstrate doubt!

  3. What an awesome lesson, Rebecca!!!!

  4. Great lesson! I agree with you teaching Jr. Highers is fun because they are so responsive.

  5. One of the best conversations I ever had with the pastor of our old church was about doubt. She said, "If you didn't doubt about God and what he's capable of, you wouldn't be learning." It was nice to know that even the PASTOR doubted sometimes!

  6. Rebecca...this completely blew me away and touched the deepest parts of my heart. You have such a way with the written word and your faith in God always shines through. I am continuing to pray for your Papaw...keep trusting in Him...He is with you every step of the way!

  7. You're such a good teacher. Great message!


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