Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

So it was the beginning of warm weather around here for Mother's Day... but no rain!  YIPEE! 

I headed to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day & toted my camera with me because I knew there would be lots of picture worthy moments... so here is what Mother's Day looked like when we got there...

Before we ate, there was time to go play...

Time to swing....

Time to ride the hobby horse they rode as kiddos...

We do live in Louisville, Kentucky... & it was the Kentucky Derby this weekend afterall....

Time to hide from Aunt Bec who wont quit with the camera...(is she flashing a gang sign?... should I be worried?)

Then it was time to go eat... we had some Mexican & I had the yummiest Spinach/Mushroom quesadilla.  I've never had anything that good in my LIFE...

but we got home & then it was time to get the playing back on...

to riding bikes

to climbing to the top of the swing set....

To the girls first ice cream truck adventure.  Madi was too afraid to go up to it.  But Sophia was so excited, holding my hand, jumping up & down saying, "I've never gotten ice cream off of a truck... can we get a truck?  Then we can have ice cream anytime we want"

But wait, its Mother's Day... so let's get some pictures with their Yaya (my mom)

Look at those blue eyes....

my dad couldnt be left out... just think of it as a Father's Day preview...

& because I didnt have a picture of me & mom, I let dad handle my camera & take a picture.  Not too bad... the original picture was like a mile away - but thank goodness for technology of cropping to zoom in :)

So it was a wonderful Mother's Day to say the least...

& if you hung in through all the pictures, I applaud you...

... & now I'm craving another "Push-up" from an ice cream truck...


  1. So, did you ever run up to the ice cream truck with rocks in your hand and throw them down and run away when the truck stopped?
    Wonderful pictures! I love the one with you & your mom!

  2. Oh, I'm craving a Push Up, too! Aren't they just the best treats? Your mom looks a lot like Paula Deen with those pretty blue eyes and I definitely see a lot of her in you. So glad you had such a fun day of celebration!

  3. cream trucks...fixtures from my childhood. We have one that comes around my neighborhood. I was shocked at the prices though! Inflation stinks!

  4. We've got an ice cream truck that trolls our neighborhood too. I always wonder how the driver can stand the endless loop of "do your ears hang low" LOL.

    Love the pics - but my favorites are the two of your mom with each girl - you can tell she loves them. Nice.

  5. Ice cream trucks are so awesome!!

    You got great pics for mother's day. The one of you and your mom is great.

    I love that they call her YaYa. That is so cute.

  6. Looks like a great day. Love the old hobby horse. And your mom is beautiful. Next time tell your dad to get closer and capture those two beautiful faces up close!

  7. Beautiful pictures Rebecca! Oh how I loved the ice cream truck when I was little. It was such a treat!

  8. LOVE all the pictures and I so used to love love love push-ups!!!

  9. It looks like you had a great day...topped off with an ice cream truck visit! :)

  10. Ah, Push ups....those were my fav!

    Your momma is so pretty! She has really good skin too. Love that first pic of her.

    Your daddy looks fun :)

  11. Rebecca, what a gorgeous picture of you. You look like a model with your hair blowing in the wind!

    Of course I stuck through all the pictures, they're my fav!


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