Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Boo-Boo?

So I was excited to jump back into Friday Fragments...

only to see I couldnt get onto Blogger... & that all the other Blogger-users were down too...

Now, I'm just afraid to post anything until I see its all taken care of.

I see my last post is gone... & I keep hearing that others are missing posts...

so I'll just hang out until I see we're at 100%

I think it all happened because the world went off kilter when James got booted off American Idol... that's my theory anyways.  Haley & her horrible attitude is behind it all...


  1. I'm still missing posts too. I hope they can get everything back that they took down.

  2. i think you are right...i think haley should of left a long time ago...every time they give her anything but a perfect criticism, she has this face that you just want to slap!! i'm sorry...did i say that out loud??? ooops....well, anyway, i don't like her growling way of singing or her monkey-swinging arm and leg as she sings....sorry!! they booted the wrong one!! and i think you are right, the world is off cuz of james....he is sooo sweet!!

  3. I am so BUMMED! My post from yesterday is missing! What in the world happened? Plus, my comments on two of my previous posts are down from their original number. Hope everything gets back to normal SOON! I am stunned that Haley is still sticking around. She just seems so "smug" and it's starting to wear on my nerves a, A LOT! I suppose I'm pulling for Scotty to win. He's just so darn CUTE!

  4. I'm missing things too! I haven't like Haley from the beginning. Just not my cup of tea. I haven't been watching much lately except to see who is still there. Hate to see James gone though.

  5. I know what a mess.. I just posted my Round Robin again since it was not working.. Have a great weekend..


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