Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fragments ... the music edition?

Mommy's Idea

Friday... its yucky & rainy... but still Friday...


Its HERE!!

HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be going on Saturday...

Its funny because the movie times are like every half hour...

Ricky said he doesnt think there's a good time for us... oh, that joker...

So I never really got into American Idol since Bo Bice lost to that one-hit wonder Carrie Underwood!  I know, I know... Carrie is amazing... but I was a Bo Bice fan & after he lost, I gave up on the show. And then it forced him to turn to country music!!! WHAT?  Bo Bice in country music?  See what loosing will drive you to?

 Didnt even watch with the Adam Lambert craze - but when Steven Tyler was back on the show, I started watching again last  year.  To only have a country kid win it?  Egads!  Anyhoo... I have another favorite this year.


I remember when he auditioned last year because he sang a Christian song.  So when he made it through this year, while wearing a shirt with a Cross on the back, I was so excited! 

And if you follow him in Facebook, you'll see that he puts a status up everyday about God.  Plus, he totally gave God the glory on the show Wednesday (GO COLTON!) ...

I just read an article calling him the "Tim Tebow of American Idol"

I did hear on the radio that 'reports' are swarming that they have asked him to 'tone down his Christianity'... to which he said, "Um... I dont think so"

And if you notice, there are signs in the background that say "Messenger" with the scripture John 13:16 "I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater then the one who sent him" ...

Dont know how far he'll get, but if he looses, I'll pout again for another year... first no Clay Aiken, then no Bo Bice.. c'mon Colton - bring home a win!

Speaking of singing shows - anyone love Jordis Unga on "The Voice"?
Anyone recognize her?
She was on "Rock Star: INXS" a few years ago... with dreads...

If you get a chance, look up her videos on You Tube... she's quite the ROCKER!

And speaking of ROCKERS!
Guess who's coming to Cincinnati?

KISS!!!!!  With Motley Crue!

We really want to go see this concert.

But they have a "gold pass" where you get a meet & greet with KISS, in the front 10 rows, all kinds of goodies... guess how much for this ticket? 
For ONE ticket!!!
But I know KISS fans - they'll sell out of them.

And the week before the KISS concert?
Journey, Pat Benetar & Loverboy is here in town!!!!

Tickets for that are MUCH more reasonable...
I think we'll be seeing that one.
I'm a HUGE Journey fan...
& who doesnt love a Rocker Chic? 
I want to see Pat Benetar rock out!


I'd rather see Steven Curtis Chapman over all of the above...
& I'd probably try & raise $1250 for a similar SCC package :)

Enough talk about music... let's get to the SPAT OF THE WEEK!!!

.... Drinking Glasses....

I noticed that my cabinet has been getting bare in the glass department. 
Lately, we've been only drinking water & tea so the glasses are being used frequently & washed alot... but when there are none to wash, I knew something was up.

So I venture downstairs.  Now, know that downstairs is Ricky's man-cave.  I only venture down there to the laundry room & to the back room where my treadmill, spinner & eliptical is at... I shield my eyes from everything else down there because it'll lead to another spat of "Pick that up"... "Dust that"... "What IS that?"

But I went on a glass hunt...
Ventured into the depths of the cave, as scary as it can be. 
Into the area in front of the big screen TV with the x-box...
an area that is seldom ventured into by female presence.
I tiptoe around the recliner...
& what do I find?
About 10 glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked Ricky why he cant bring them up when he's finished - or at the end of the night?
Guess what his answer was.... "I forget"

I blame the man cave... it sucks all brain cells....

Thought of the day:

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Laugh a little more today!!!


Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. It bothers me that any public Christ Follower is compared to Tim Tebow. Hello? We've been around for centuries...

  2. Kiss with Montley about the oldies tour. I loved those bands back in the day but man...

  3. When I saw Jordis on the "The Voice" I looked at her and thought, "how do I know her?" And then it hit me about Rock Star INXS. I LOVED that show and LOVE that she's on The Voice. She's also a MN native, so, ya know....

    We're going to the Hunger Games next week (hubs has to work this weekend). I'm VERY EXCITED about going!!

  4. Never seen that Colton Dixon before but he's a real cutie!
    Love Pat Benetar! I mean, who doesn't love her? I want names!
    Alright, Ricky's making me a little mad now.
    And believe me, I laugh equally as much as a 6 year old. In fact, I laughed a few times just reading your post. I'll add those into my laugh-o-meter.

  5. I would love for Petra to come close enough to hit a concert. I saw SCC do a show with Geoff Moore, and that was amazing!!

    I have to go hunting for sippy cups :-(

    I wonder if they have ever told other contestants to tone down their oddity or perverseness. That's irritating. I love his 'message', way to go Colton!

  6. I love Colton...especially since he's not about to change who he is for anyone. He loves Christ and is not afraid to say it! I hope he WINS! Of course, I, also, love Phillip Phillps...he has that raspy kind of voice that makes me swoon!

    A KISS concert would be such FUN! Talk about bringing back some memories!

    10 glasses??? Oh, my word! If that were Chris, I think he'd be sleeping in the man cave for the next week!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the info about Colton. He isn't my favorite performer on the show, but I will definitely look at him differently now! I am a Phillip fan myself. Wonder if he is a Christian. I love that every year it seems like a Christian singer gets a chance to share a little testimony. I'm visiting from Friday Fragments! Hello!

  8. Hunger Games are taking all places by storm, or so it seems to me.

  9. Love Colton!! He's one of my fav's. I must now go follow him on FB.

    SOTW = An extra laugh on my way to 100 for the day!!

    Love you my dear friend ~~ dawn

  10. 1250??? Unreal.
    I quit watching American Idol after they kicked off a kid from the Small Town because he didn't provide the "drama". (that's what the show told him) Great kid and a much better singer than the one that won between the 2.

  11. Love Colton!!! One of my favorites. I also like Phillip Phillips....

  12. LOL about the 10 glasses. That's what happens at my house haha - but with plates and bowls. My mom winds up going into each of our rooms to find stacks of dishes we forgot to bring down. Too funny.


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