Thursday, March 22, 2012

Words Matter....

When I was growing up, everytime, I mean EVERY.TIME. that I saw my grandmother, she would have me come over to her & she would say, "Show me your jewelry"

I mean, as a little child, all the way to a grown, married woman...

but she always told me that as a girl, I was supposed to wear jewelry so I had to always have on at least one thing.  Show her earrings, or a necklace, or a ring or bracelet. 

It was embedded in me.... & I loved to show it off to her.

(& it was always a great excuse for her to buy me pieces of jewelry)

To this day, when I put on my jewelry, I think of Teenie.  I always said I would even do the same thing to my grandchildren... but having only grandSONS so far, its not working :) 

But arent there things you remember from your grandparents, or parents, that you always remember them saying that you pass down?

Words from your past seem to stick around...

the voices, the way they said things, the things you learned, the things you laughed about...

I remember things my friend Stephanie would say
.. to this day, whenever Ricky & I hear "that's cute", we have to instantly say, "She thinks its CUUUTTTEEEEE" - Stephanie used to LOVE Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer & the part where the girl reindeer called him cute & Rudolph would say, "She thinks I'm CUUTTTTEEE" ....

its small things that stick with you, as well as the big things...

remembering advice, thoughts, phrases of people that's been in your life... we all have those memories...

& they stick with us... they have taught us...  they have guided us

... some of those words from the past even shape who we are in some ways.

& then in church Sunday, we came across the passage from Matthew:

Heaven & earth will disappear,
but my words will never disappear
-Matthew 24:35 (NLT)

God's words are still around... in our minds... in our hearts...

its what guides us, teaches us, shows us examples...

& they stick with us because they're important
... they mean something
... they matter.

So today I pray that as we think of people in our lives & the words they said that meant so much, that are tucked inside of us, may God's words dig deeper everyday, sticking with us, guiding us



  1. More important than his words is him.

    Knowing he lives, that's what I hold onto, and I find it in his words to us.

  2. and this is why we have to be so careful with our own words. They can lift a spirit or they can dash a hope. I try to remember this with my kids and husband...words have so much power.

    Great post, Rebecca.

  3. Aww I liked this & it is true, words do stay with you & I agree with the comment above, we MUST remember what we say ourselves x

  4. Wow! Beautifully said!! Needed to hear this this morning!! Thank you!

  5. I really try to say nice things to little kids too because words do stick with them. If anything ever comes out the wrong way, I rush to correct what I say so they understand it as a compliment. I still remember nice things that grownups said to me when I was the only black kid in "White"ville!

  6. As a teacher, all I can say to this is AMEN.

  7. Great post! I read this over and over again last week but hadn't left a comment. My best friend and I have been talking about this recently. Especially as an aspiring teacher this is really important because things that are said to a child stays with them for quite a long time.


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