Thursday, March 08, 2012


Its so funny the plans we lay out for ourselves.

We start young too.

I found my Senior Memories book & it had a place on "Where will you be in 5 years?" & "Where will you be in 10 years?"

I had to laugh at my answers...

5 years?  My plans were to "be in my first year at Pharmacy school, still be best friends with all my friends, dating a black-haired, dark complexion, muscular guy".

Yes - I wanted to be a Pharmacist in high school... & yes, the comment about a black haired, dark complexion just makes me laugh so hard. 

I married a red haired, faired skin, tiny little fire pistol of a guy.  LONNNNGGGG ways away from what I thought I'd marry.  I also love that I had that as a laid out plan of exactly who I'd marry.

10 years?  I wrote that I would have "graduated Pharmacy school, being a RICH Pharmacist, married to that black-haired, dark complexion guy, have 2 kids, living in a BIG house with lots of land, with horses"

...oh, doesnt that sound like the life?

Rich - beautiful husband - which means of course, beautiful kids - with a beautiful house - with beautiful horses...

The dreams of a teenager...

But we have plans of what we want to do with our lives...

And most of the time, those plans dont work out anything like we thought it would.

I thought of that when I was reading my devotional the other day.  This line stood out to me ... & this devotional is based on letters from God to you daily:

"In my grace child, I sometimes wreck your plans to keep you dependent on me.  You can reach heaven, but not by your own efforts.  Trust mine instead"

He sometimes wreck your plans?

Doesnt sound very fair, does it?

Until we remember its God.. & His ways are so much better then ours...

His plans are so much wiser...

His vision of the whole road we go down is so much broader then our little small view of the path we're on...

& while my life isnt the life I thought it would be, I know that God has wrecked some plans to put me where He wants me to be...

so Lord, wreck away any plans of mine... let me be dependent on you & you alone...


  1. What a perfect verse for the situations so many people are facing today.

    Funny where our plans DON'T take us, isn't it?

  2. ahh the plans we make for ourselves - they usually never work out the way we imagine it. They're usually BETTER! =D

    ...not saying that your plans in high school weren't great (I'd love to date such a guy like that myself ;)). But yeah :) lol

    Great post today! :)

  3. I found my same plan a few years ago. NOTHING on it was accurate. I laugh now when I hear girls talk about what exactly "will happen" in their futures. We have no idea!

    Question ... would you trade it?

  4. I LOVE that line from your devotional! As a planner (almost an over-planner), I need to be reminded of this. ;-)

  5. I love what you wrote when you were a teenager...makes me want to dig out my Senior Memories book! You can just imagine how much this spoke directly to my heart this morning, with the whole job situation still up in the air. Funny, but I have such a peace about me lately. Maybe that's because I've been praying to trust Him more through all of this. Thanks, my friend!

  6. Things happen for a reason. We many never understand why--and Lord knows we never want to hear that advice when things aren't going how we want--but it's true!

    Your senior book and reflection back on that is a perfect reminder of that! :)

    (and for the record I wanted to be an astronaut & have twin boys. ha!)

  7. Amen sister! AMEN!

    I was just talking with my first love this morning. Though he is a wonderful man I'm oh so very thankful for my unanswered teenage prayers and for the husband God chose for me.

  8. Man plans, God laughs.

    Or loves. Either way, our ways are certainly not his, are they?

  9. Oh boy has there ever been some wrecked plans in my life. Hallelujah!!! The LORD has taught me that He has the ultimate and best plans for my life, and I can trust Him. I love that!!

    Have a Beautiful day friend ~~ dawn


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