Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I totally forgot I didnt post the pics of our new frig...

I love that I did get some great name ideas...

Even from my dad, who is such a Cowboy.  He told me to name it Silver, so when we had it for a few years, we could call her Ole Silver ... some sort of Lone Ranger code there.

I think I'm going with the name Jillian though...

In honor of the demon-lady from Biggest Loser.  After all, I want healthy stuff inside of it, & I know how ice-cold her attitude was... so I think its appropriate... & a pretty name to boot.

I'm still up for any ideas...

But here I am... I had to get up at 6:00 am to clean out the fridge.  (Why am I only getting my picture taken before the sun rises, when I have no make up on?)

They were delivering it at 7 am.  Who does that?  Usually they make you wait all day & make you a prisoner in your home... Kudos to Home Depot for saying they would be there at 7... & actually being there at 7!

It was no time & they had our old girl out the door & gone.  That made me have to rush & clean up the floor & behind the frig.  WOW... you dont realize how much gets back there, do you?  It was actually better then we thought it would be. 

They kept telling us on the phone "Make sure all pets are put away"... well, we did good - all 4 of our doggies were outside.  But they had to leave our door open so they could take the old out & bring the new in... well, in this area, you leave the door open & a dog will come in.  This is our neighbors dog :)  He's HUGE!!!! But like a teddy bear.  He kept wanting the frig guys to love on him so I just sat down & had to hug him & pet him while they did all the work. 

(I actually had bones in my hand making him stay there so I could use the excuse, "I just need to hold him so he doesnt get in the way".... no!! joking... I wouldnt do that... would I?)

And here's Jillian in all her glory... silvery & shiny... with a huge freezer!!  I'm so excited about it!!! Isnt she a beauty?

And here's our first pitcher of water.... we were so proud.  Ricky & I neither have had an water dispenser on our fridge before.  And remember my story where Ricky woke me up at 6:30 the next morning to show me the ice?  Yep - we were WAY too excited about our new purchase.

Isnt it always fun getting a new toy in the kitchen? 

Next stop?  New dishwasher!!!


  1. That looks JUST like the refrigerator I want! Ours is only 3 years old, so I'll be living with it for a while longer. :-( We already replaced our dishwasher. It wasn't that old, but it was NOISY ... and with an open floor plan, it just didn't work.

  2. WOW! That's like the Rolls Royce of refrigerators! I love that large pull out drawer! I'd have to do some serious grocery shopping just so I could organize everything! I'm weird like that! Aah...I remember that apron! So glad you're getting some use out of it!

  3. I'm jealous of your fridge. Our fridge is about 20 years old! I'd love one like that with the freezer on the bottom. *sigh*

  4. That thing is gorgeous! And Jillian is great name. Cold as ice but built like a brick &)*#-house! But I would only approach it looking fabulous. She'll bite!

  5. Great refrigerator! I can't believe how clean it is behind it! If someone pulled mine out right now, they would call the health department!!!! Love that freezer!

  6. I would be in love, too! That fridge is amazing!

  7. So shiny!

    Brad moves the fridge to clean behind it weekly. Strange man...


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