Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... & thankful this Friday is a lot calmer then last Friday.  Cant believe one week ago is when the tornados came through... seems longer...

But its a new week... life keeps going on... so we'll keep on Fragging...


We have trees in bloom here!!! Spring is coming!!!  I dont think its supposed to be this early, but that's OK - I'm happy about it.

Not to happy about the bugs we're already seeing.  We had our first fly of the year flying around our kitchen.  In our house though, a fly is a perfect toy because the dogs will chase it down until it becomes a tasty treat for one of them. 

I may be vegetarian, my dogs, not so much.


That Weight Watchers commercial with Jennifer Hudson singing with herself (the clip from American Idol where she wore that dress that her neighbor made for her) - its just creepy.  Dont know why but everytime it comes on, I make a weird face while watching it...


This is my niece Sophia's paper from school... Look where the teacher said they're having a quiz... she wrote NO! haha! My brother asked her why she wrote that & she said she didnt want a quiz....

Who does? ... she may go into politics when she grows up.  Speaking up for the ones who wont speak up. :)


Currently reading, "I am Second"... fantastic book...

but it feels so funny because its an ACTUAL book.  I'm reviewing it for Amazon.  But it just shows how addicted I am to my Kindle now. 

..You know you're lazy when you complain about having to turn an actual page...


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  ... just wait for it... - so Monday, I was busy & then had to run to the grocery.  I called Ricky & asked him if I could just pick up Penn Station instead of cooking when I got home.  He had no problem with that.  So I'm out loading up my car with the groceries & all of a sudden, a car comes up behind me - I mean, LITERALLY behind me - like touching me & HONKS!!!! It was Ricky... I seriously JUMPED, throwing the bag of groceries - it scared me THAT bad!!!

... but that's not even the moment of the week...

so we go into Penn Station & decide to eat there.  They lost our order so we were in there for quite awhile.  Probably about 30 minutes, at least.  As we're leaving to go home, Ricky cant find his keys. 

... this isnt even the moment either....

We search for the keys where we were sitting.  Nope, not there.
Then it hit Ricky... he runs out to his car.
IT'S RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
He left his car running the whole time we were inside.  With the DOOR UNLOCKED!!!!
Someone could have easily just got in the car & drove off.
And the car wasnt in our view while we ate. 
I couldnt believe he did that.
While not much of a "spat" happened - we actually laughed about it - this is just a great place for me to "tattle" on Ricky - so there you go.


Here's the latest picture of my grandbabies... dont they look SO BIG?????
And so darn cute!!!!


I left my cell phone at home yesterday & I felt like I was missing a body part all day long.  That's kinda messed up really...


Anyone watching GCB?  I love Kristin Chenoweth. Everything about her! Hope the series makes it just because of her. (& Annie Potts)


So they said that Coke & Pepsi had to change their carmel coloring or put a "Cancer Warning" on their bottles/cans... WHOOOO... that's scary!


Well, hope you all have a Fantastic Friday... I'm off to have a Diet Coke! KIDDING! ... kinda... maybe...


  1. Those grandbabies are the sweetest! ;-)

    If I leave my cell phone at home, I just have no peace whatsoever. In fact, when I was working last year, I left my phone at home and called DH (on my office phone) and asked him to run it by. (Of course he did ... he's a keeper!)

    Have a Diet Coke for me, would you? ;-)

  2. Those handsome grandbabies are getting so big!! That is just crazy....

    Love that Ricky left the car running (out of sight) the whole time you were eating...can't wait to hear what happens when he's in his 80's! LOL (I will still be blogging then, right?!)

    After severe weather Friday last week and hard rains last night, the ants have decided to come down our chimney (go figure!) and visit. Thankfully they are contained to the chimney area and not throughout the house but still....ick, ugh...

    We're coke free at this house since January 1st. The kids have got used to it now and like drinking water or water with Crystal Light packets. Now Milo's Sweet Tea....I'm pretty sure God isn't ready for me to completely give that up yet...I mean 2 glasses a day isn't bad right!? :)

    Hope you have a great weekend my friend!!

  3. hahahaha - glad you two were able to laugh over it and that no one did steal it! lol

    LOVE the pic of your grandbabies! :) Super cute!!

  4. Blogs are a "free zone" to TOTALLY tattle on our husbands. It's all in good fun...

    We leave cars running here all the time. Granted, it's usually 20 below zero when we do. ha!


  5. grandkids are adorable! everything gives you cancer (as I grab a diet coke)

  6. While I have never left my keys in the car like that, I do lose them on a regular basis. It is always less than a pleasant experience. Glad he found them and your car okay.

  7. I fragged today too! :)

    I was just noticing my tree in the front yard has blooms on it! A bit early but this weather has been crazy!

    I've heard of the I Am Second website, but I didn't know there was a book. I'd be interested in checking that out.

    That is hilarious about Ricky leaving the car running. Can you believe I've done work! I left my car, 7 blocks from my office, running ALL DAY with the keys locked inside. Needless to say I felt like a total moron when I figured out what I had done. And I wasted a LOT of gas haha.

    I'm surprised to hear you are watching GCB. I think it's atrocious and a slap in the face to Christianity. But that's just my two cents.

    Happy Friday RJ, hope you have a good weekend.

  8. LOL about leaving the car running!

    A few weeks before I finally decided to quit my job last year, I came home from work one day all ka-flustered & just not paying attention. I drove my car into the garage & got out & as I was closing the car door - the car started rolling back out the garage & down our inclined driveway.
    Do you know how quick you can drop something in your arms? Do you know how hard it is to open a car door against the forces of gravity? Do you know fast a un-maned car can get when you desperately need to get back in it to stop it? And do you know that once you get in said car & start yanking on emergency brakes & shoving the brake petal to the floor only to have the car stop inches away from the neighbor-across-the-streets' Sycamore tree how absolutely relieved & yet painfully embarrassed one can be simultaneously?
    Weeks. Weeks if not months after that did I go through some crazy ritual to determine that yes indeedy - my car is in gear, the Ebrake is set, the key is out of the ignition, etc.
    I'm almost back to "normal" now. LOL

  9. Your grans are sooooo cute.

    Ricky's story is a HOOT.

  10. I haven't watched GCB yet, but I plan on it. I have to watch anything with Annie Potts in it (and I like Kristin too).

    When my friend and I were teens, we went out to eat at a Chili's and were in there for about two hours (we had a lot of talking to do). When we came out of the restaurant, we realized she had left her car running - but the doors were locked. So we had to wait another hour before her dad came with the spare key. It was crazy.

    I'm glad no one took Ricky's car.

    That Jennifer Hudson commercial is freaky.

  11. We were flakes this week too. Brad locked his keys in his car and I left my phone at school (over the weekend--no!).


  12. I had a friend who did left her car running with the keys inside, but locked, when we here in high school. Poor girl. She was quite the joke of the day.

  13. I love my coke. I have to have one a day. That said, my hubby and I just gave it up for two weeks. Hmmmm after that tidbit it may be for good.

    Thank heavens Ricky's car didn't get stolen! What are the odds of that? SERIOUSLY!

  14. If the caramel coloring in Coke causes cancer, it's probably already too late for me!


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