Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... of the LONGEST week EVER!!!!  I agree with someone who said they think its the Daylight Savings that has messed me up... but know this - I AM MESSED UP!


March Madness has begun...
Know how many brackets I filled out? ... zero
Know how many teams I know anything about? .... zippo
Know how much I care about basketball season? .... zilch

The only thing I know is when UK plays, I steer clear of the Hubs... all I need to know.


One more week!!! ONE MORE WEEK!!! The Hunger Games!!!! I think I'm more excited about this then any of the Twilight movies.  That's saying something... as embarssing as that is to admit.

I tell everyone that Ricky would rather have needles poked in his eyes then read a book, so he knows nothing about this except for me gasping at every commercial & telling him we're going next weekend to the movies.  His reaction?  "Most books make horrible movies" ...

No... I correct him - they make bad movies off of fantastic books... an extra incentive to read!  But by the previews, this looks fantastic!  Not like the $5,000 budget they had for Twilight on the first movie.  I'm ready to see how they bring it all to live... & still keep a PG-13 rating!


Race day tomorrow!!! This will be the 3rd year I'm doing this 10k.  Its probably one of my favorite courses. But they've already sent out an email reminding everyone that the temperature for race time will be in the 60's so to stay hydrated.  Usually, the temps for this race is around freezing... BIG DIFFERENCE!!!  So no worries on what to wear for the race tomorrow.  No leggings, gloves, hats... It'll be minimum gear.  Shorts & a sleeveless tech tank.... & a water bottle...


So I feel bad for the guy that got kicked off American Idol.  Yeah, he shoulda been honest, but did you hear his voice quiver when he said, "I didnt want you to judge me on my past"?  ... that broke my heart...

More room for Colton to zoom to the top now though :)  ...Or as Ricky calls him, "Skunk boy"... & that's not a put-down.  Ricky likes the guy.  Its just for his style of hair.  You cant put a blond streak down the middle of your hair & not get called a skunk by someone.


Anyone else so happy "The Bachelor" is finished? ... NO.MORE.COURTNEY. EVER.... PLEASE!!!!!

But now?  OH YEAH BABY!!!!
Dancing with the Stars!!!!!

Before even seeing the first dance - I'm rooting for Urkel (You know no know will ever call him by his real name) & Sherri Shepherd!!!!  Though I think the Football player & the Disney Kid will do well.

Time to break out my fringe pants....


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Make up your mind!!! ... so this neuropathy thing is wearing on me.  On my patience, on my nerves, on my whole body.  I will say, I have quite a few pity parties lately with it.  So Saturday, I get up & am whining about my feet burning & tingling & how it hurts to even stand, much less walk.  Ricky gave me a "pep-talk" (code for "lecture") on being strong & pushing myself & how things could always be worse.  By the end of the day, I was just angry about the neurpathy & I handle my anger by running.  I ended up running 6.20 miles & got home... only to have Ricky give me a "talking to" (code for "lecture") about how I'm probably hurting myself, its not smart, & I need to take it easy... HUH?  Make up your mind dude.  You want me to sit around off my feet, or up & around pushing myself?  ... men... when I reminded him that he just told me 2 different things, his response?  "Just listen to me" ... my husband... the man with all the answers :)


... for the record... with all this talk of "Pink Slime" on the news, I'm so thankful I havent eaten meat in over a year...





  1. I still haven't read The Hunger Games. But, hey, did you know most of it was shot where I live? As in 3 miles from my neighborhood? People are crazy excited about it here even if they haven't read the book.

  2. I hate to admit this, but I am totally clueless about The Hunger Games. Shameful, I know. Go get 'em in your race tomorrow! How you do what you do never ceases to amaze me! Sure hope your neuropathy gets better SOON! You know, I think that may be what my BIL is suffering from. He has Type 2 diabetes and whenever he tries to go for a walk, he gets a throbing, burning pain deep down inside of his right leg. It's so bad that he can't sleep in his bed. He has to sleep upright in a chair. Has us all pretty worried. Yeah, that Pink Slime stuff was so DISGUSTING! When I first saw the picture of it, I thought it was strawberry ice cream. WRONG!!!

  3. You're looking forward to The Hunger Games in a week ... and I'm looking forward to our trip to southern Florida. Hurry up, week! ;-)

    Wishing you good luck in your race tomorrow!

  4. Pink slime.....WHAT? Go read my blog right!now! and tell me I'm NOT putting PINK SLIME in my body, now that I am not a beloved vegetarian. I think I'm breaking out in hives. I think I'm over mean again!!! =)

    I downloaded Hunger Games to my iPad, because Leggs wants me to go see the movie with her next weekend, but now I'm rethinking reading this book after your comment about how their going to keep it pg-13. You know me, I don't do much secular reading, because I don't like junk in my mind. Please tell me the scoop =)

    You and Ricky = the most fun a blog reader can have on a Friday!!

    I love you girl ~~ have a Super race tomorrow and BE CAREFUL!!!

  5. I did not even know a Hunger Games movie was coming out. Wow, I must be on another planet. Great book though.

  6. Good luck with your race!

    I'm with you sister: Hunger Games!! YIPPEE!! (though we may wait a week or two to see it due to the popularity).

  7. I am so excited about the Hunger Games too...way more than I was about Twilight. I told Jeff that we are watching it for HIS birthday since it is the 25th and the movie comes out that weekend!!! Is it bad that I look forward to your spats of the week? FTR: pink slime is why I make sure I buy my meat directly from the farmer. I talk to her every week. :)

  8. Urkel will be on DWTS??? Now I totally have to watch it. My kids will probably too since they watch reruns of Family Matters.
    Listen, I only know the Hunger Games because every dang blogger is talking about it. But you all got me really excited about it. I won't see it next week with all the crowds but will certainly see it in a month when it hits the $2.00 theater.
    Have a good weekend!

  9. We are looking forward to seeing THE HUNGER GAMES movie too--going on Monday!

    We filled out a bracket and are in Gerard's work pool--only 6 people in it but his champion is already knocked out!

    I skipped The Bachelor show all season--just too stupid. I didn't want to waste any time watching it!

  10. I've heard about the crazy temps you're getting there! My sister went running in Indy this week in a tank top and shorts - wow! So funny about your husband's "pep talks" - guys do like to fix things, but it helps if they don't give conflicting solutions!

  11. First, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing about the pink slime! YUCK! I eat meat....but now maybe not so much! I didn't know about it because I refuse to watch the news since it's always so depressing.

    Your husband is funny! My mother has neuropathy and from her experience, I say use those feet as much as possible and have you tried the light therapy? That seemed to help and I wish I could remember the name of it but I can't.


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