Thursday, March 15, 2012

Impulsive decisions....

I was cleaning out a part of my closet that holds brooms, Sweepers, electric vacuums (How many things can one person have to clean a floor?)... & I ran across this little gadget that I bought one time at a Flea Market.

Ricky will never let me live this thing down either...

what is it?

Its a big sticky roller... you're supposed to use it on your floors, your furniture, your walls, anything you can roll it on... & it picks up dust, dirt, hair.  Then you just rinse it under water to clean it & its ready to use all over again.

Its magicial...

or so I thought when the sales person called me over for a demonstration.

I'm such a sucker for demonstrations.

If you ever have one, I'm the person you want to grab because I'll go "Ohhhhh" & gasp at the right spots & even clap with glee at the end results...

only to buy the product & find out it doesnt do a darn thing in my hands.

So yeah, now we have a stupid roller that never even picked up two specks of dust.  And that rinsing off thing?  I put it under water & it washed off all the "stickiness".

I'm such a on-the-spot-make-quick-decisions-kinda-gal... & for the most part, it results in stupid choices.  Choices that leave me with worthless things - decisions that leave me saying, "why did I do that?" - stupidity at its finest.

And its not even about a sticky roller... it can be clothes... it can be electronics... it can be about a shelf of vitamins that I knew would make me feel healthier... can be decisions on relationships... it can be arguments over small petty things that seem important in that flash of a second.

We make stupid, quick decisions in this life, dont we?

I thought of that when I was reading the story of Esau gave up his birthright for bread & stew...

WHAT?  You read the story & you think, "DUDE!!! You're giving up your birth right for food?  Are you an idiot?"

.... & then I see a sticky roller in the corner...

& I think of all the stupid decisions where someone has stood behind me & said, "Are you an idiot?"

Impulsiveness becomes such a downfall, doesnt it? 

I can imagine God sitting back watching us as we make decisions based on impulse.

He wants us to resist the urge to make hasty decisions.  Instead, he wants us to weigh the outcome.  Rehearse the consequences.  Play out the long term scenario of our actions.

Because every decision we make has a lifelong implication

So today, in all your decisions - take a breath - step back & think about it. 

And remember that there's always time to talk to God about it.  He's not going anywhere.  He's willing to listen...

& with His help, we'll end up making the right decision...


  1. The connection to Esau made me think about God revealing Himself to me in a wondrous way in my life, and I...ignored Him. I knew he was God, but...

    Then, years later, reading the Bible, I got frustrated with the Israelites for ignoring God and all the things He sent them. I realized I had done the same thing!

  2. I TOTALLY get what you mean. I'm like that! Exactly like that. Love the connection to Esau!

  3. How do you always seem to know exactly what I'm needing to hear? You've done it again with your message today. Facing a possible move to SC has me in a tizzy, but I'm trying hard to take things one day at a time and not be too hasty in making any decisions that could impact the rest of our lives.

  4. Kathy took the words right out of my mouth.

    Amen, sister.

  5. Looks and brains. Look at you!
    Next time you are pressured by a salesman, ask yourself, "what would Jesus buy"?

  6. O gosh! I totally know that feeling of getting upset at some dumb thing in the Bible (or anywhere else) and then I look back and realize I do the same thing. It's crazy and pathetic (I mean it's pathetic that I do it) but ya. Thank you so much for this. I think I need it quite a bit. :)

  7. thank you for this thought provoking post...hmm..I am going to think about this!


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