Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Vegan} Cashew & Kinda-Chicken Salad

Wanted to share this recipe because it was da'bomb'diggity!!!!

What you need:

Mixed spring greens
Pkg Chick'n patties (Its a soy product - not real chicken... but VERY yummy!)
3 oz crumbled feta cheese (Or a shredded Vegan Cheese)
Cashews - 8 oz
16 oz sliced strawberries
Balsamic Vinegar dressing

Easy enough...

I made the 'chicken' in the oven & baked some fresh wheat bread.

Then putting it on top of the greens & putting everything else on top... easy enough...

I just used as many cashews as I wanted... 8 oz?  I can eat that on my salad alone.
Same with the strawberries...

that's the fun of a salad... put how much you want on it...

The Balsamic was excellent with the strawberries.

Ricky & I were both STUFFED too at the end of this salad.

Will be making this one again...

& you can make it not vegan... real chicken, real cheese...

But I would never have thought the combo of the ingredients would work together... but oh my... the sure enough do...

PS .... & still waiting for my juicer to come in.... its marked to be delivered by Wednesday. Shoot... I already went out & bought all kinds of veggies too... carrots, cucumbers, celery... wonder if it'll last a week?


  1. Looks good! But can you just come up here and make it for me. The only thing I do with food is eat eat. Putting it together is hard!
    Also, I mentioned to Fred about starting the juicing on Friday. But he reminded me that we have a "real" adult dinner to go to. I'm sure I'll spend the entire dinner telling 50 year old men, "Don't slouch! Get your elbows off the table"!
    Wish me luck!

  2. Hey, that salad sure looks and sounds mighty tasty! I love just about anything with strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

  3. Mmmm looks deeelish! I totally want to try this! :) How much of a difference in taste does the cheese make?


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