Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hope in change...

I keep a daily "Gratitude Journal" - have for years...

its where I write down at least 5 things I'm thankful for that happened in the day.

Somedays, the list can go MUCH longer, some days its really rough to come up with 5

... those are the days I need to do it the most....

But last night, I wrote down "Thankful for HOPE!"

What am I hopeful for?

I'm actually putting hope in something strange...

... & Amazon will be bringing me this hope...

(Doesnt Amazon deliver everything else?)
Meet my new juicer!!!!

Ricky bought this for me this weekend & now I'm just waiting for it to show up at my door.

I keep reading information - keep watching documentaries - everything showing proof & evidence of nutrition making a difference in a body.

Here's a great documentary on a guy that changed his life by juicing...

Source: amazon.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

I see where people who have cancer do nothing but juice & eat plant based foods & they are cancer free now... didnt even do the chemo & radiations...

I just want to get rid of neuropathy...

Neuropathy is "damage of the nerves" ... & you would think good nutrition, vitamins & the 'good stuff' in  your system has gotta help, right?  Its just GOTTA!

I figure it cant hurt anyways...

Like Ricky said, even if it helps me 10%, its 10% better then nothing...

So anyone else ever juice?
Any great recipes?
Anyone ever do a juice fast?  I keep reading all the different plans... there's a 1 day fast, a 3 day fast, even a 8 day fast... & they say that you're not hungry - you're still getting in more food then you would probably EAT - its just juice...

I'll be heading to Sam's Club this weekend to load up on fresh veggies & fruits... & I'm excited about it...

Say a prayer if you dont mind, that this will heal up these nerves of mine...

I'll keep updates on here as well on the drinks I make...  & how its working for me.

& if you've never seen this documentary, check it out... its pretty amazing


  1. I have heard about this and have thought about doing it. I wound up doing a water fast instead for a week as a detox. The juicer looks really cool and I wish you the best of yummy juices! :) Hope it helps a lot!

  2. I hear lots of amazing things about juicers. I am praying this helps you too, friend!! xo

  3. Sent a prayer your way!

    This guy reminds me of Morgan Spurlock--the guy who did Super Size Me! I'll need to put this in the netflix queue. To which the Big Guy wills say, "Is that an action movie?" ha! :)

  4. I just wrote the most amazing comment, and blogger lost it.


    Anyway, keep us updated!

  5. I feel bad for Ellen who just wrote a comment and blogger lost it. Blogger's such a bugger some times!
    Anyway, maybe Fred and I will start this weekend too.
    As mentioned yesterday, I eat a normal breakfast and then somewhere between then and Noon, I have two full glasses of V8 Juice. And I think to myself, "are you hungry, Mark"? And I always answer with "No". "Real" vegetable juice is better than V8 but I think that I've trained my body to drinking juice and not the donuts that are sitting all over this office.

  6. I have a juicer, but sadly don't use it much. Let me know how you like yours. Looking forward to hearing more. I love you friend. ~~ dawn

  7. I've been wanting a juicer for quite some time now, but have to wait until the job situation gets worked out. I hope AND pray that it makes you feel better...much better, to get all those wonderful nutrients flowing through your system.

  8. Oh my! Let us know how it works for you, Rebecca. Have you ever been on skinnytaste blog? She has recipes for smoothies made from veggies. I always intended to try them. Good Luck!

  9. Girl, you know I'm a believer in juicing. I've done two ten-day juice fasts and felt TERRIFIC after!!! Please let me know if you need any help/recipes/suggestions!!!


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